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Role of Debendranath Tagore and Keshabchandra Sen in expanding ideas of Brahmo samaj (in Hindi)
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In this video I have discussed the role of Debendranath Tagore and Keshabchandra Sen in expanding the ideas of Brahmo Samaj.

Lokendra Mishra
MechanicalEngineer, Poet, Blogger Writer,Youtuber,Passionate about teaching . ज़िन्दगी जैसे एक रस्ता है मुझको चलना है चलते जाना है।

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Lokendra Mishra
2 years ago
  1. Lokendra Mani Mishra B.Tech (2018) Mechanical Engineering Teaching experience : 3 years subjects;- history,polity, geography, EVS, maths, Resoning, Hindi, English and Mechanical Engineering

  2. Socio-Cultural Reform by Brahmo Samaj by Lokendra Mishra

  3. Debendranath Tagore & Brahmo Samaj Debendranath Tagore (1817-1905) was father of Rabindranath Tagore. e He joined Brahmo Samaj in 1842. Earlier he headed TATTVABODHINI SABHAwhich was founded in 182g Tagore worked in two ways... 1.. Reforms in Hindus. 2.. Opposed Christian missionaries.

  4. Keshabchandra Sen & Brahmo samaj . He populrised and energised Brahmo Samaj. Joined Brahmo samaj in 1858. . In his leadership various branches of Brahmo samaj were opened out of Bengal he was made acharya by Debendranath tagore after he joined Brahmo samai o He was dismised ferom the office of acharya in 1865

  5. . In 1866 followers of Keshabchandra Sen founded BRAHMO SAMAJ OF INDIA IN 1866 while Debendranath Tagore's Brahmo Samaj came to be known as Adi Brahmo Samaj. In 1878 the disgusted followers of Keshabchandra sen founded Sadharan Brahmo Samaj.

  6. Sadharan Brahmo samaij was started by Ananda Mohan Bose, Shibchandra Deb and Umesh chandra Dutta . In Punjab, the Dayal Singh trust implanted Brahmo ideas by opening Dayal Singh College at Lahore in 1910.

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