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Protecting critical infrastructure, Common support infrastructure, mission mode projects
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This lesson covers: Protecting critical infrastructure, Common support infrastructure, mission mode projects

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its been a nice explanations and it could deal previous years question papers this will help me a lot
A State Wide Area Network (SWAN) is one of the core infrastructure components under the National e-Governance Plan of the Government of India. ... The SWAN project, whichforms a strategic component of the National eGovernance Plan, was approved in March 2005.... THANKYOU SIR
do we have to memorize the recommendations?
sir , what is the fullform of SDCs& SWANs
Ritu mishra
2 years ago
State Data Centre and implement by govt agency NIC...sir also told that line ...listen it very conscious way..
  1. Administrative Reforms Commission Reports Report 11: Promoting e-Governance Roman Saini

  2. 6 ARCII-11th Report Part 4

  3. Course Structure Institutional Framework for Coordination and Sharing of Resources/Information Public-Private Partnership (PPP) 8. 1. 2. 3. 11th Report- Preface Outline of 11th Report Recommendations of 11th report 9. Building a Congenial E 2. 1. nvironment 10. Protecting Critical Information Identification of e-Governance Infrastructure Assets Projects and Prioritisation 3. Business Process Re-Engineering 4. Capacity Building and Creating 12. Mission Mode Projects(MMP) 11. The Common Support Infrastructure Awareness 5. Developing Technological 13. 14. Legal Framework for e-Governance Knowledge Management Solutions 6. Implementation 4. Conclusion . Monitoring and Evaluation

  4. 10.Protecting Critical Information Infrastructure Assets There is need to develop a critical information infrastructure assets protection strategy. This should be supplemented with improved analysis and g capabilities as well as improved information sharing on threats and vulnerabilities. 11.The Common Support Infrastructure As recommended by the Standing Committee on Information Technology in its 58th Report, The State Data Centres (SDCs) should be maintained by Government agencies such as NIC as it involves handling of sovereign data. Further, all data centres at the State level should be subsumed in the SDCs.

  5. .The implementation of SDCs, SWANs and CSCs should be co-ordinated to prevent significant time-lag between their operationalisation Gram Panchayats should be involved in monitoring the operation of the Common Services Centres in the first four years of their operation when they are receiving revenue support from government for providing Government to Citizen' services. . State Governments should make available a large bouquet of Government To Citizen (G2C) services through the Common Services Centres (CSCs) The Mission Mode Project on Gram Panchayats should be finalized and implemented in a time-bound manner

  6. Gram Panchayats should proactively engage in making citizens aware of the services provided through the CSCs and encourage them to make use of them. d ena f them 12.Mission Mode Projects(MMP) State Governments should first provide a clear mandate for governance reforms that must precede the e-Governance initiatives. This would involve, if necessary, changing procedures and even structures and statutes. Therefore as a first step, these issues need to be analysed, decision points identified and political approval taken.

  7. .The Secretaries of the concerned departments should be entrusted with the responsibility of project implementation in unambiguous terms. They should be provided with the requisite authority and resources for project implementation The Annual Performance Appraisal Report (APR) of public servants entrusted with the responsibility of project implementation under NeGP should have a separate entry for evaluation of their performance in this regard MMP may apply for following two projects: A. Land Records B. Passport and Visa

  8. A.MMP on Computerisation of Land Records Surveys and measurements need to be carried out in a mission mode utilizing modern technology to arrive at a correct picture of land holdings and land parcels and rectification of outdated maps. The dispute resolution mechanism with regard to land titles needs to be strengthened in order to be compatible with the demands made on it. B.MMP on Computerisation of Passport & Visa The entire passport issue process needs to be put on an e-Governance mode in phases. As the processes which precede and follow the police verification have already been re-engineered and put in e-Governance mode, this may be integrated with online police and citizen identification data bases

  9. Thank You!