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Problems and Solutions - Productivity
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In this lesson we investigate the idea of productivity of Indian farms and thr pathways to increase productivity.

Nithin Kunneparambil
Gave CSE interview in 2016, First attempt

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  1. Course :- Holistic Coverage of Kisan Issues Lesson 4:- Problems and Solutions Productivity Presented by Nithin Kunneparambil

  2. Per Hectare Productivit Crop MaizeGroundnut Sugarcane 1667 4880 Paddy 2929 6321 6414 6622 4261 Wheat 2583 3969 India China Japan SA Indonesia Canada Vietnam 913 2799 2336 3038 1523 68012 85294 2872 8398 2646 7974 4313 80787 2591 3845 2711 1336 65689

  3. Pathways to productivity - ES2016 Irrigation :- Already Discussed . Mechanization :- Rural to Urban Migration, Feminization . Mechanization less than 50% Tractor Rentals . Quality of Seeds :-Accounts to 20-25% of Productivity Affordability :- High Yield Seeds depends on the market Availability: Shortage of seeds, Certified seeds alone wont solve problems . We need more Private competition in Market. Research: BioTechnology and Genetic Engineering

  4. . Fertilizer Critical and expensive input. -Fertilizer subsidy-10% of total Agricultural Subsidy. DBT method of fertilizer Subsidy Nutrient based subsidy based on requirement. . Soil Health and Fertility status. Micro Nutrients needs to be managed to increase productivity . Pesticides:-10-15% loss due to pest attacks Integrated pest control methods using Bio techniques, Chemical, etc.

  5. Agriculture extension services Timely advisory to farmers to adopt best practices, technology, market info etc. . Some techniques like KVK, ISRO e Centres, Mobile Apps, KISAN TV etc.

  6. MSS Recommendations Substantial increase in public investment in agriculture related infrastructure particularly in irrigation, drainage, land development, water conservation, research development and road connectivity etc. . A national network of advanced soil testing laboratories with facilities for detection of micronutrient deficiencies .Promotion of conservation farming, which will help farm families to conserve and improve soil health, water quantity and quality and biodiversity.

  7. Schemes associated Soil Health Card Scheme :- Issued once every 3 years, Nutrients deficiency , SHC in collaboration with states 50:50 Neem Coated Urea and National Urea Policy. For the first time we see Urea stabilizing. "DeCanalization" as spoken in the Economic Survey . NITI Ayog Reports on Seed development, GM seeds, Tractor rentals. 100% FDI in Seed Development industry

  8. Course : - Holistic Coverage of Kisan Issues Lesson 5:- Problems and Solutions Credit and Insurance Presented by Nithin Kunneparambil

  9. Farmer Suicides Maharashtra, Karnataka, Telangana and Andhra remains to be the hot spots of Farmer suicides. .Has been a crucial item issue in contemporary India. Reason behind suicides - DEBT Traps!!! Lack of marketable surplus produce b'coz of small landholding, lack of irrigation, high yielding seeds and other inputs, lack of coaching . Lack of remunerative prices (because of issues in APMC, MSP and transport- . Lack of financial inclusion and financial planning. (Because even after extension service) on best farming practices storage infrastructure good monsoon and good harvest, money may get wasted on social events and pilgrimage, if not saved and invested properly.)

  10. How is that government is trying to deal with this? Loan Waivers Dangerous, many economist oppose to this. . Bad culture and examples been set. Against the farmer who pay loans regularly. Increases the Fiscal deficit of the government. . NPAs increasing and future loans seen with suspicion. . It is only for rich farmer, poor farmer still avail un-institutionalized farmers who charge high rate of interest.

  11. Big Question 1. Can loan waiver be a solution for agricultural stress? a) Long run this definitely bad. b) But as Keynes said "In long run we are all dead" c) The idea is to provide immediate relief you need these. d) Democratic process ensures this. 2. TAXING AGRICULTURAL INCOME? Discuss please !!

  12. Recommendation from MSS . Expand the outreach of the formal credit system to reach the really poor and needy. . Moratorium on debt recovery, including loans from non-institutional sources, and waiver of . Establish an Agriculture Risk Fund to provide relief to farmers in the aftermath of successive Reduce rate of interest for crop loans to 4 per cent simple, with government support. interest on loans in distress hotspots and during calamities, till capability is restored. natural calamities. .Issue Kisan Credit Cards to women farmers, with joint pattas as collateral .Develop an integrated credit-cum-crop-livestock-human health insurance package. .Expand crop insurance cover to cover the entire country and all crops, with reduced premiums and create a Rural Insurance Development Fund to tak up development work for spreading rural insurance . Promote sustainable livelihoods for the poor by improving (i) Finan ial services (ii) Infrastructure ii) Investments in human developmenf, agriculture and business developmenf services including.productivity enhancement, loc l value addition, and alternate market linkages) and iv) Institufional devel pment services (forming and strengthening producers' organisations such as'self-help groups and water user associations)

  13. Evaluation of PMFBY -Target to get 50% of gross cropped area under this, but currently it is 30%, some states like UP it is just 20% . Kharif 2016 :- Premium Paid :- 14,400 Cr, Claims : - 9797 Crores, Payouts :-9306 Cr. Which means 95% met -Rabi 201 6-17-59% claim payouts . Kharif 2017-5% UTTER Failure !!! . REASONS:- States not contributing their parts.