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Evaluating Mukti March and Current Situation
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A brief introduction to the farmer issues in long march and Mukti march, a historical Comparison and we wind up the discussion with brief introduction to M S Swaminathan committee report

Nithin Kunneparambil
Gave CSE interview in 2016, First attempt

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question 11 ma no of solution 1 kasha huaa zero to ho he nahi raha
very much relevant topic for mains ...plz cover more topic like this
  1. Course :- Holistic Coverage of Kisan Issues Lesson 2 :- Evaluating Mukti March and Current Situations and Demands Presented by Nithin Kunneparambil

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  3. So, what is Happening in Delhi ? In March, 2018 We had LONG KISAN MARCH . Now, we have KISAN MUKTI MARCH Serious issues regarding farmer's welfare.

  4. The key difference between the marches Difference Participation Demand Long March Farmers Alone Farm Loan Waiver Mukti March Farmers+ Supporters Parliament Sessions and Discussion on MSS report AIKSCC Delhi against Union Coordination AIKS Place Bombay against MH Govt Nation for farmers are a unique grouping which speaks about justice for farmers. Very contrary to the Marxian Analysis of Class collaboration Vs Class struggle. .

  5. What are the demands 3 .A special session of Parliament to discuss two important bills Farmer's freedom from indebtedness Bill Guaranteed remuneration for MSP in Agricultural Commodities Bill. .Are these the only demands - Certainly not. These are just symptoms - Serious problems needs to be investigated. There are addition demands on . Women Farmers, Dalit Farmers, Adivasi Farmers... . Price Stabilization fund for MSP regime. Let us see them one by one.

  6. History of Agriculture in India The colonial system had broken the back bone of Indian Agriculture and the fine balance between primary and secondary sectors Commercialization of Agriculture Free market theories and Famines. . Faulty oppressive Land Revenue collection like Zamindaris S/M Delndustrialization leading to DeUrbanization leading to Ruralization leading to Peasantization. (EXCESS LABOUR IN THE AGRI MARKET) This mammoth scale disaster is what we have been trying to undo since independence

  7. Agriculture after independence Grow More Food Campaign 1940s Integrated Production program - 1950s Five year programs - Agri Development using . Land Reclamation, Land Development, Mechanization, Electrification, Chemical Fertilizers . Under Government supervision . Production revolutions :- White, Green, Silver.. But again in Pockets . But despite all these there are serious problems We will discuss them one by one

  8. What is the problem as perceived by Farmers .The issues of farmers as per Problem of Farmers as per Survey their own understanding are Flood/Drought .Low Productivity . Irrigation . Low Income Institutional .Low farm price Labour Issues .Inflation .Depressed Economy 13 8 Low productivity Irrigati u Institutional s Low Income a Labour Issue Low farm Price sdepressed economy inflation others

  9. Disaggregated data Region North East Central South West First Major Labour Issues Irrigation Irrigation Low Productivity Low Productivity Second major Low Productivity Flood/Drought Labour issues Depressed Economy Low Income Third Major Low Income Low Productivity Inflation Inflation Flood/Drought

  10. M S Swaminathan Committee National Commission on Farmers - Submitted 5 reports between 2004 and 2006. Clearly reflecting the Common Minimum Programme of UPA . First four of Farmer Distress and rise in farmer suicides Clear directives are also issued in this regard. All the discussion of problem and solutions will have inputs from MS Swaminathan Committee findings, along with Current affairs, Government schemes etc.

  11. How to Classify these problem Farmer Research and extension, Irrigation, Fragmented Land Holding, Credit Issues, Fertilizers, Dryland, Feminization, Organic Farming, Evergreen Revolution APMC reforms, eNAM, Food Processing, MegaFood Park, MSP Regimes, WTO issue:s

  12. Course :- Holistic Coverage of Kisan Issues Lesson 3:- Problems and Solutions - Land Holdings and Irrigation Presented by Nithin Kunneparambil

  13. Reality check - UNVIABLE LAND HOLDING Land Holding % of House holds % of Land hold The bottom half of rural house Land less 11.24 Sub-margin holdings (0.01 0.99 acres) hold owns iust 3 % of Land " Top 10 % has 54 % Land . FLAWED FLAWED FLAWED !! 40.11 3.80 Marginal holdings (1.00 2.49 acres) 20.52 13.13 Small holdings (2.50 4.99 acres) 13.42 18.59 Medium holdings (5 14.99 acres) 12.09 37.81 Large holdings (15 acres above) 2.62 26.67

  14. Recommendation of Act This model act proposes to legalize land leasing to promote agricultural efficiency, equity and poverty reduction. Ownership Security for owners and Security of tenure for tenants. Allow automatic resumption of land after the agreed lease period without requiring minimum area to be left to tenant. .Facilitate all tenants including share cropper access to insurance bank credit and bank credit against pledging expected output .Incentivize tenant to make investment in land and entitle them to get back unused value of investment at time of termination

  15. Government Scheme - PMKSY . We had several schemes earlier - like ACCELERATED IRRIGATION BENEFIT PROGRAM, INTEGRATED WATERSHED MANAGEMENT PROGRAMME, FARM WATER MGMT. Earlier LAUNCHED under Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers's Welfare then in 2016 it was changed to WATER RESOURCES MIN

  16. Objectives Eogyeron dnvesfments in imigation @Farm level and provide .HAR KHET KO PANI Integration of Source disbn, efficient use of water thru appropriate tech . Enhance adoption of precision irrigation and other water saving technologies under more crop per drop Promotion of micro irrigation in form of drops, sprinklers, pivots, rain guns in farm JAL SINCHAN . Enhance recharge of aquifers promote sustainable water res. I-Enhance the physical acces to farm

  17. Some more details Project mode with District Irigation plans .75 :25 funding scheme between Centre and States. In special category status States :- 90: 10 Bigger question about the idea of TIED FUNDS.

  18. Per Hectare Productivit Crop MaizeGroundnut Sugarcane 1667 4880 Paddy 2929 6321 6414 6622 4261 Wheat 2583 3969 India China Japan SA Indonesia Canada Vietnam 913 2799 2336 3038 1523 68012 85294 2872 8398 2646 7974 4313 80787 2591 3845 2711 1336 65689

  19. Pathways to productivity - ES2016 Irrigation :- Already Discussed . Mechanization :- Rural to Urban Migration, Feminization . Mechanization less than 50% Tractor Rentals . Quality of Seeds :-Accounts to 20-25% of Productivity Affordability :- High Yield Seeds depends on the market Availability: Shortage of seeds, Certified seeds alone wont solve problems . We need more Private competition in Market. Research: BioTechnology and Genetic Engineering

  20. Agriculture extension services Timely advisory to farmers to adopt best practices, technology, market info etc. . Some techniques like KVK, ISRO e Centres, Mobile Apps, KISAN TV etc.

  21. Schemes associated Soil Health Card Scheme :- Issued once every 3 years, Nutrients deficiency , SHC in collaboration with states 50:50 Neem Coated Urea and National Urea Policy. For the first time we see Urea stabilizing. "DeCanalization" as spoken in the Economic Survey . NITI Ayog Reports on Seed development, GM seeds, Tractor rentals. 100% FDI in Seed Development industry

  22. Course : - Holistic Coverage of Kisan Issues Lesson 5:- Problems and Solutions Credit and Insurance Presented by Nithin Kunneparambil

  23. Farmer Suicides Maharashtra, Karnataka, Telangana and Andhra remains to be the hot spots of Farmer suicides. .Has been a crucial item issue in contemporary India. Reason behind suicides - DEBT Traps!!! Lack of marketable surplus produce b'coz of small landholding, lack of irrigation, high yielding seeds and other inputs, lack of coaching . Lack of remunerative prices (because of issues in APMC, MSP and transport- . Lack of financial inclusion and financial planning. (Because even after extension service) on best farming practices storage infrastructure good monsoon and good harvest, money may get wasted on social events and pilgrimage, if not saved and invested properly.)

  24. How is that government is trying to deal with this? Loan Waivers Dangerous, many economist oppose to this. . Bad culture and examples been set. Against the farmer who pay loans regularly. Increases the Fiscal deficit of the government. . NPAs increasing and future loans seen with suspicion. . It is only for rich farmer, poor farmer still avail un-institutionalized farmers who charge high rate of interest.

  25. Big Question 1. Can loan waiver be a solution for agricultural stress? a) Long run this definitely bad. b) But as Keynes said "In long run we are all dead" c) The idea is to provide immediate relief you need these. d) Democratic process ensures this. 2. TAXING AGRICULTURAL INCOME? Discuss please !!

  26. Agricultural Credit Enable farmer to purchase inputs , help improve productivity -Local and money lender-25% of money Credit penetration low in North East and Eastern India . Issues of Collaterals Examples from MadhyaPradesh - Mamaji!