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Probability distribution and examples
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This lesson discusses about probability distribution of a random variable

Aishwarya hase
my name is Aishwarya Vitthal Hase. i am currently studying in fourth Year B tech engineering in Elecronics and telecommunication branch.

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  1. Probability distribution Random Variable A Random vaviable is a veal valued function defined over a sample space of an experiment Descrete Tandom variable A random vamable which con take only finite. T COuntably infinite mumber of value1 ir Called a des discrete random variable

  2. Continuous Random Variable - A random vamriable uohich can take any value between two given imits is called a continuous Random variable Probabilit Distribution of a rondom variable If the values of random variable together with the Comesponding probabilities are qiven,then this discription is called a probability dishribution of random variable

  3. Example Probability dietribution tohen two coins ae tossed Let X denote the number of Toils occurred then P( x-o) = Probability of occurrence of zero tal. 2 2 4 P (4-1) = probability of occurrence of one tail

  4. (X 2)= Probability of occurrence of two tails 2 2 4