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Conditional probability problems
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This lesson discusses about conditional probability of round table problems

Aishwarya hase
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  1. Example : One Indian and Four American and their wives are to be sealed randomly anound a cir cular table Then the conditiona probability that the Indian man is seated adjecent to his wife qiven that each Ameri Can man is seated adjecent to his wife is- Solution: Let A be event that Indian sits adjecent to his wife Let B be event that 4 Americans sits

  2. Let B be event that 4 Americans sits adjevent to their wives Then An8 is the event that all 5 men sit let each man and his wife is one person These 5 persons are sitting around a table adjetent to their wives Therefore we have only in 4! ways persons But each husband and wife can nterhange their seats n 2 ways

  3. event B is that 4 Americans sits adjecent to their wives Let each American and his wife as one person and Indian man and his wife. So we have 6 persons here hese person can be seaked around table in 5 ways But each American and his wife can inter change their seats n 2 ways m(8)- 51 (21)+

  4. P (AlB)-P(AnB) 1 (215 P (B) 5 (21) 2 Probability distribution Kandom Variable : A Random variable is a real valued function deined over a sample space of an experiment