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Binomial distribution problems
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This lesson discusses about the example of binomial diatribution

Aishwarya hase
my name is Aishwarya Vitthal Hase. i am currently studying in fourth Year B tech engineering in Elecronics and telecommunication branch.

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  1. : A lot ofoo bulbs from a manufe turin xample nq process is known to Cor 2o defective and 8 non defective bulbs If 3 bulbs are selecked at vandom , what tain tun is the probablty that (i) there will be 2 defective and b non-defect- lve bulbs (i) there will be at least one defective bulb Solution: Since out of loo bulbs , 2o are dePective and 80 an non - de fectve

  2. Therefore Probability ef drawing defechue. ereore pro bulb when one dlefeetve bulb is selected is given bl P=Zoo-L is the probability that a bulb Selected is non defechve Here 8 bulbs ae selected, therefore.

  3. o8bulbs are pre bbt ta t 3 bulbs are roba ! Selected 1) 2 are defective qnd 6 are non-dekchv are mon -defechve is IS aiven 2 21 (8-2)]

  4. 4 688 34062S robn lailiy that o bulb wil be defective

  5. probability that at least ohe bulb will be dle Fechive e ective. 3250 89 34D GS