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Binomial distribution
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This lesson discusses about the binomial distribution and examples

Aishwarya hase
my name is Aishwarya Vitthal Hase. i am currently studying in fourth Year B tech engineering in Elecronics and telecommunication branch.

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answer of 1st question is A
  1. Binomial Distibution Let E be an event let P is probability of occurrence event E in one trial and g=I-P probability of non-occurren ceof event E in one tial So, P+4= et the ocumence of event E be called a sucess Let X denple the number of successes in m trals

  2. -Th en , PCX*) probability of success es Example If a die is rn times what s : 14 the chance that an odd Mo will Come up exatty 3 Hms Solutiontaber a die throun once Ler S be the sample space ond E the event of oceurence of odd mumber hen

  3. m (E) 3 A die has beer thrown 6 times , mumber of trials n- probability of occurrence of event E in one tial 2 m (S) 2. 2.

  4. Now probab of ocuence of an odd mumber exactly 3 times in 6 rials of occurrence of an odd 3 6-3 2 3 (63) 20 ST