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Conditional probability
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This lesson discusses about the conditional probability and how to find out the conditional probability(two colors of balls in bag example)

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my name is Aishwarya Vitthal Hase. i am currently studying in fourth Year B tech engineering in Elecronics and telecommunication branch.

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Siva sir this course was extremely helpful..
  1. Conditional Probability Let A and B be any two events, 140, then PCA/S) denotes the conditional Probability of occurrente of event A when B has already ouurred Example 1 Let '- a baqcontains 3 uohite balls and 4 blue balls. one ball is drawn from the ba and this ball is not replated in the bag and then setond ball is drawn from the

  2. oa4 Solubion . Let B be the event of oaurrence of a. white ball in the first draw and A be the event of octurrente of a blue bal in the second draw . when white ball is dvaun n the frst drau) the ho of bals left n the ba is6 out of which , two are white balls and 4 are blue balls

  3. P(A/B) probability of octurrence of blue ball in setond draw when white ball has been drawn in the first drauw Example : when a die is thrOwn, Sample Gpace S1,2,3,4,5,6