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Harmonic function and conjugate harmonic function
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This lesson discusses the harmonic function and use of laplace's equation to find out wheter the given function is harmonic or not

Aishwarya hase
my name is Aishwarya Vitthal Hase. i am currently studying in fourth Year B tech engineering in Elecronics and telecommunication branch.

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sir please do course for estimation.. no idea and unable to find good note on the same...
Rupanzil Prince
a year ago
Sure.... I'll try to make the course as soon as possible
Aswin J0e mike
a year ago
when can we expect the exams to be this year?.. notifications are supposed to come out by 15 this month i think.. so we can expect the exam this month i suppose..??
  1. Hamonic and conjugate Harmonic uthons Thearom: The real and imaginary part of an anolytic tunchion are harmonic is anal>tic, then it should sastisy on differentiang unt and KR yY - adding 0 +0 2

  2. It a function Gatisfies Laplase's equation P=0 , then it is called harmonic function u 16 satisfying Laplace's equ Hene, u is a harmonic funcdion Simlarly, differentiang wrt y and Adding 6

  3. 60, v is harmonic Example1 Is the iven funcion harmonic Solu-ion : Lap ales en uation IS 2. chu

  4. dly1 2 Thereforeu is not hamonic