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ATP balance sheet of aerobic respiration

Dr Praveen Kumar Agrawal is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Dr Praveen Kumar Agrawal
Ex - Faculty, Allen Kota, 22 Yrs Experience. Author - 17 books Known for best explanation Youtube : biology by pkagrawal

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Sir Krebs cycle m aap n 1×2=4 ATPs q likha h plzzz btaiye sir
10 months ago
mistype ho gaya hai i think, 2 ATP hi produce hogi
yes sir 2 ATPs rhega aap n glti s likh diya tha
sir in animal glycolysis kaha hota he
cytoplasm of all cells
  1. Lesson 8 Respiratory balance sheet (ATP Account) Dr. Praveen Kumar Agrawal M.Sc., Ph.D, CSIR NET (URF), SRF, GATE, FIAZ Youtube Channel with over 1 million views 20 Years of Pre-medical teaching experience Ex Faculty, Allen Career Institute, Kota Visit following link to follow my profile

  2. ATP account . The main purpose of respiration is to produce energy in the form of ATP. Under standard conditions, 38 ATPs are produced but under actual physiological conditions only about 36 ATPs are produced (NCERT) 2x2 4 ATPS are directly produced in glycolysis (Substrate level). 1X2 4 ATPs ATPs are directly produced in Krebs cycle (2 turns) (Substrate level). .Rest of the ATPs are produced from reduced coenzymes.

  3. ATP ACCOUNT/Balance Sheet (At a glance) Net gain ATP account ATP consumed Direct In ETS From [NADH+H From FADH2 6 From 2 [NADH + H'] 6 (From 2 pyruvic acid) 18 From 6x [NADH+ H'] From 2 x[FADH2] (3 in each cycle) 30 From glycolysis 4 Nil 2 8 Nil 6 From acetylation Nil of pyruvic acid Nil 4 24 From Krebs' cycle 2 (from 2 cycles) Nil Total gain 6 4 2 38 * One [NADH H'] can give 3 ATPs (when enters the ETS) One FNDH2 can give only 2 ATP (when enters the ETS) In this calculation, two turns of Krebs' cycle have been considered. This is because, one glucose produces two pyruvic acid and two acetyl CoA. Hence two cycles occur for each glucose molecule. Mitochondria which are produced outside of mitochondria (i.e., in cytoplasm) can give only 2 ATPs under physiological conditions. So, final net gain per glucose is only 36 ATPs.

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