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AIIMS, NEET, Pre-Medical : Respiration in plants (MCQs) Set -1
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Selected mcqs for NEET, AIIMS and JIPMER

Dr Praveen Kumar Agrawal is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Dr Praveen Kumar Agrawal
Ex - Faculty, Allen Kota, 22 Yrs Experience. Author - 17 books Known for best explanation Youtube : biology by pkagrawal

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just awasome lecture ..selected mcq ..sir ur great sir .i am vry thankfull to u sir ..please sir creat lession on plant morphology sir..please
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  1. Respiration in Plants Practice MCQs from this chapter SET 1 Dr.P K Agrawal M.Sc., Ph.D., NET (JRF), SRF, GATE, FIAZ Youtube Channel Over 20 Yrs. Experience in training Premedical aspirants University Professor Ex- Faculty, Allen Career Institute, Kota iversity Professor

  2. Question 1 When skeletal muscles lack sufficient oxygen, there is an increased blood concentration of a. pyruvic acid b. glucose c. lactic acid d. ATP

  3. Question 2 The ratio of net gain of ATP per glucose molecule in anaerobic and aerobic conditions is generally a. 1:8 b. 2:30 d. 1:36

  4. Question 3 In anaerobic metabolism of lactic acid, the pyruvic acid undergoes Whereas conezymes undergo a. decarboxylation, reduction b. decarboxylation, oxidation c. reduction, oxidation d. oxidation, reduction

  5. Question 4 Phosphorylation of ATP in inner mitochondrial membrane involves a. Transport of electrons through FO-F1 particles b. Transport of protons through cytochromes C. Transport of protons through FO-F1 particles d. Transport of both electrons and protons through cytochromes

  6. Question 5 The conversion of glycogen to glucose 6-phosphate occurs in a. the liver b. skeletal muscles c. both a and b d. plants only

  7. Question 6 Which of these acids contain three carboxylic groups? a. pyruvic acid b. lactic acid C. citric acid d. Oxalo acetic acid

  8. Question 7 Which of the following statements is false a. There is no use of oxygen directly in Krebs cycle b. There is no decarboxylation in entire glycolysis c. Glycolysis can occur only in anaerobic conditions d. Oxygen is used in ETS to finally pick up electrons and protons

  9. Question 8 Which of the following combination is incorrect? a. Beta oxidation mitochondria b. PPP Cytoplasm c. ETS Mitochondria d. Acetylation of pyruvate cytoplasm

  10. Question 9 The formation of glucose from pyruvic acid, derived from lactic acid, amino acids, or glycerol is called a. glycogenesis b. glycogenolysis c. C-2 cycle d. gluconeogenesis

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