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AIIMS, NEET, Pre-Medical : Respiratory quotient
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Respiratory quotient simplified

Dr Praveen Kumar Agrawal is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Dr Praveen Kumar Agrawal
Ex - Faculty, Allen Kota, 22 Yrs Experience. Author - 17 books Known for best explanation Youtube : biology by pkagrawal

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  1. Lesson 11 Respiratory quotient Dr. P. K. Agrawal M.Sc., Ph.D., CSIR NET (JRF), SRF, GATE, FIAZ Youtube Channel with over 1 million views 20 Years of Pre-medical teaching experience Ex Faculty, Allen Career Institute, Kota Visit following link to follow my profile

  2. Respiratory quotient In respiration, oxygen is consumed and carbon dioxide is produced. . The ratio of the amount of CO2 produced in respiration, to the amount of O2 consumed is called respiratory quotient. It is denoted as R.Q. It can be represented as following equation - Amount of Co2 produced Amount of O2 consumed Respiratory quotient - . The value of respiratory quotient depends upon the nature of the respiratory substrate and therefore it is different for different kinds of substrate. . In general, the R.Q. value for carbohydrates is 1, while for proteins and fats it is usually less tharn 1. For organic acids the value of R.Q. is greater than1

  3. (a) For carbohydrates, the R.Q. is 1 C6H1206+ 602 6CO2 + 6H20 Therefore R.Q. = 6 / 6 = 1 (b) For fats, the R.Q. is less than 1 (because fats are poorer in oxygen contents) 2CS1H9806 (tripalmitin) 14502 102co2+ 98H20 Therefore R.Q.102/145 0.703 (c) For organic acids, the R.Q. is greater than 1 C4H6Os(malic acid) +302 4CO2+3 H20 Therefore R.Q.4/3 1.3 (Another example) - 2(CoOH)2(oxalic acid) O2 4CO2+2H20 Therefore R.Q.4/1 4 (d) For anaerobic respiration the R.Q. is infinite (because no oxygen is used) CGH1206 (glucose) Zymase2C2H2oH+2co2 Therefore R.Q. 2/0infinity

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