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Pre History: Part 1 (in Hindi)
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This lesson discusses Pre History. This topic is discussed in parts and this is the first part of the topic.

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Quasif Ansari
Quasif Ansari was born in Lucknow and done his schooling from the prestigious Montfort School. He hails from the family of civil aspirants s

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  2. The Stone Ages The Prehistoric age refers to that period of the past for which we do not have the written records therefore the knowledge of this period is based upon he materials found in the archaeological excavations. The man living during this period made the tools of stones found in his surroundings and he uses these tools to hunt and gather food in order to satisfy his hunger. Since the man uses the tool of stones in this period thus this phase of human development is known as the Stone Age. On the basis of the different techniques and tools the stages of the human development is divided into Paleolithic or Old Stone Age, Mesolithic or the Middle Stone Age and Neolithic or New Stone Age. The first human being who is believed to live is known as the 'Peking Man

  3. Paleolithic Age/ Old Stone Age (5, 00,000 B.C- 10,000 B.C) The Paleolithic Age according to the archaeologist has developed in the Pleistocene period or the lce The people of the this age were hunters and gatherers and they belongs to the Negroid race During this period the man uses the materials of the stones and lived in caves and shelters The man during this period has no idea of agriculture, fire etc. The man basically uses hand axes, choppers, cleavers, blades and burin which was made up of the hard rock's known as quartzite thus the Paleolithic man is also known as the 'Quartzite Men' The Paleolithic Age is divided into three parts early or lower Paleolithic, Middle Paleolithic and Upper Paleolithic.

  4. In the Early Paleolithic Age the climate was very cold and it was basically known as the Ice Age. In this the tools used were hand axes, cleavers and choppers which are found in the Soan and Sohan valley (now in Pakistan) n the Middle Paleolithic Age the use of stone tools was most dominant such as scrapers, borers and blade like sharp tools which are found in the Soan Narmada and Tungbhadra valleys. In the Upper Paleolithic Age the climate became warm and the use of burins and scrapers was there which was found in the Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Chota Nagpur Plateau etc