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Indus Valley Civilization: Part 3 (in Hindi)
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This lesson discusses Indus Valley Civilization. This topic is discussed in parts and this is the third part of the topic.

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  2. Ropar Founded in the year 1953 by Y.D.Sharma It is situated in the state of Punjab in India The excavations at the Ropar includes pottery, ornaments, copper axes, seal etc A strange burial was found here i.e. the dead body of dog was found along with the dead body of the human being Banwali Founded in the year 1973 by R.S. Bisht It is situated near the Hissar district of Haryana Huge quantity of Barley and Mustard was found here A terracotta plough was also found here which the most remarkable discovery

  3. Surkotada Founded in the year 1964 by Jagat Pal Joskhi It is situated in the Kutch district of Gujarat During the excavations the first remains of the horse bones was found here.

  4. Religious Life & Culture nain gods of worship for the people of Indus alley Civilization was Puhupati Mahadev( Lord Shiva) The people of the Indus Valley Civilization also worship the Phallus (lingam) and yon Animal worshipped- Unicorn and Bull Tree worshipped- Pipal Bird worshipped- Dove & Pigeon When any person dies in the Indus Valley Civilization they lay them in North- South direction with the head in North and the legs in South direction. There was the practice of burying the dead body in the rectangular or the oval pits.

  5. Script and Language The script of the Indus Valley Civilization is pictographic in nature which has around 600 pictographs. The writing style of the of the Indus Valley Civilization is known as "Boustrophedon i.e. they write the first line from right to left and the second line from left to right. The language of the Indus Valley Civilization is still unknown.

  6. Causes of Decline Th e definite cause of decline for the Indus Valley uization is still elusive since there are no written records of the period and there are various speculations from the historians There are four main reasons behind the decline of Indus Valley Civilization as concluded by the historians 1.Due to decrease of the soil fertility 2.Due to increase of salinity in the water from the neighboring deserts 3.Due to natural calamity such as Earthquake, Flood, Famine etc 4. Aryans when they came to India they destroyed the Indus Valley Civilization