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Nanda Dynasty and Alexander Invasion (in Hindi)
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This lesson discusses Nanda Dynasty and Alexander Invasion.

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  1. Nanda Dynasty (370- 327 B.C)

  2. The founder of the Nan Nanda da Dynasty was Mahapadma Mahapadma Nanda is considered as the destroyer of the Kshatriyas The Hat ngumpha inscription of Kalinga mentioned the conquest of Nandas with the Kalingas. The Nandas Empire extended from the Bengal in the east to the Punjab in the west. It is also believed that Nanda's rule was also there in some parts of the Deccan in the South India. Mahapadma Nanda was succeeded by his eight sons who ruled successively The last ruler of the Nanda dynasty was Dhana Nanda. His tax collection policy was suppressive and was resented by the people. Chandragupta Maurya and Kautilya/Chanakya(minister of Dhananad) took advantage of it and defeated Dhanananad with this the Nanda dynasty came to an

  3. Alexander's Invasion

  4. Alexander was born in the year 356 B.C. at Macedonia in Europe. His father's name was King Phillips. Aristotle was the teacher and the mentor of Alexander e name of the horse of Alexander was Bucephalus Alexander was attracted by the wealth of India which forced him to conquer India. He also wants to conquer India because he thought after winning ove:r India he would conquer the eastern boundary of the world Th Alexander defeated King Darius III of Persia in the Battle of Arbela in the year 330 B.C In the year 327 B.C. after crossing the Hindukushmountains he entered into Afghanistan and after crossing the river Indus in the year 326 B.C he entered into India.

  5. der there were h western At the time of the invasion of Alexan number of small kingdoms in the nort India. The most kings king Ambhi wh Porus who ruled between the river Jhelu Chenab important kings of that time were 0 was the ruler of Taxila and king m and ile entering into India Alexander was received by king Ambhi who was the ruler ofTaxila. Alexander defeated Porus in the Battle of Hydaspes (river Jhelum) in the year 326 B.C because Porus refused to surrender before him After the battle of Hydaspes Alexander was impressed by the bravery and heroism of Porus and he returned back his territory and marched forward crossing the river Beas He was continuously marching eastwards but after some time his soldiers refused to march as hardships of the prolonged warfare made them tired and they wanted to return back home. Alexander tried to persuade them but he failed to do so and decided to return back in October 326 B.C

  6. Alexander made his general SelucusNicator as the in charge of his territory in India. Alexander in the year 323 B.C. at the age of 33 years while returning back home near Babylon in Iraq. Alexander's invasion paved the way for the direct contact between the India and Greece. The naval explorations also increased the trade between India and West Asia but Alexander's invasion also opened the way for the foreign invaders to invade over India.