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Jainism: Part 1 (in Hindi)
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This lesson discusses Jainism. This topic is discussed in Parts and this is the first part of the topic.

Quasif Ansari
Quasif Ansari was born in Lucknow and done his schooling from the prestigious Montfort School. He hails from the family of civil aspirants s

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  1. Jainism

  2. Jainism was started by Rishabhdeva but it was propagated by VardhamanMahavir VardhamanMahavir was born in 540 B.C at Kundagrama district Vaishali in Bihar His father's name was king Siddhartha who was the 's name was Trishla ruler of Janatrik clan and mother who was the sister of Lichavi prince Chetak of Vaishali VardhamanMahavir was married with Yasoda and had a daughter named Priyadarshani VardhamanMahavir attained Kiavalya under the Sal tree in the village of Jimbhigrama on the banks of river Rajupalika in Bihar After attaining Kaivalya his son in law named Jamali became the first disciple of VardhamanMahavir fter attaining the Kaivalya he was called as Jaina and his followers were known as Jains or Jitendriya He was given the title of Arihant i.e . worthy

  3. VardhamanMahavir died at the age of 72 years in 468 B.C at Pavapuri near Patna in Bihar There were total 24 Trit Jainism NAME hankaras(Teachers) in EMBLEM Bull 1) Rishabha (Adinath) 2) Ajitnath 3) SambhavNath 4) Abhinandan- Nath 5) Sumatinath 6) Padmaprabha 7) Suparshvanath 8) Chandra- Prabha 9) Pushpadanta (Suvidhinath) 10) Shitalnath Elephant Horse Monkey Curlew Red Lotus Svastika Crescent Dolphin Wishing

  4. I ree Garuda Shreyamsanath 12) Vasupujya 13) Vimalnath 14) Anantanath 15) Dharmanath 16) Shantinath 17) Kunthunath 18) Aranath 19) Malinath 20) Munisuvrata 21) Naminath 22) Neminath 23) Parshvanath 24) Mahavira (Vardamana) Buffalo Boar Bear Vajardanda Deer He Ggoat Fish Waterpot Tortoise Blue Lotus Serpent Lion