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Buddhism: Part 2 (in Hindi)
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This lesson discusses Buddhism. This topic is discussed in Parts and this is the second part of the topic.

Quasif Ansari
Quasif Ansari was born in Lucknow and done his schooling from the prestigious Montfort School. He hails from the family of civil aspirants s

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  1. Buddhism

  2. Teachings of Gautam Buddha Gautam Buddha gave four great truth s of life 1.T world is full of sorrows and misery he 2.The desire of human bein g is the main cause o his sorrows 3.If th ere are no desires there are no sorrows 4.The desires can be conquered be Eight Fo ld Paths Eight Fold Paths of Buddhism Right Speech Right Livelihood Right Efforts Right Thoughts Right Actions Right Remembrance Right Concentration Right Mindfulness

  3. According to Gautam Buddha the pc following the Eigh of birth, Buddhist Literature The Buddhist literatures language VinayPitaka It t Fold Paths is free from the cycle dea th and rebirth is gained by following were written in the Pali deals with the laws of the Buddhist monasteries. It was recited by Uppali in the first Buddhist council in the year 483 B.C SuttaPitaka It is the collection of the Buddha's sermons and it is divided in 5 parts AbhidhammaPitaka It deals with the life and the philosophy of the Buddha's teachings

  4. Milindapanho It deals with the conversation with the Greek king Menander and the Buddhist Monk Nagasen:a Tripitaka It is the sacred book of the Buddhism