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Buddhism: Part 1 (in Hindi)
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This lesson discusses Buddhism. This topic is discussed in Parts and this is the first part of the topic.

Quasif Ansari
Quasif Ansari was born in Lucknow and done his schooling from the prestigious Montfort School. He hails from the family of civil aspirants s

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sir yeh types Questions NEET mai aie hai
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Thanks sir I'm also from Kushinagar
Thanks sir I'm also from Kushinagar
  1. Buddhism

  2. Buddhism v also known as Sakyamuni and Tathagata Gautam Buddha was born in the year 563 B.C at m was started by Gautam Buddha who was Lumbini of the poornima (full moon day) His childhood name was Siddhartha near Kapilvastu district of Nepal on the day His father's name was king Suddhodhana who wa:s the ruler of the Saka dynasty and the mother's name was Mahamaya who was the princess of the Kosalan dynasty 7 days after the birth of Gautam Buddha died and he was brought up by his stepmother MahaprajapatiGautami who gave him the title of Gautam In his childhood Gautam Buddha use to play with his horse t the age of 16 years Gautam Buddha was married with extremely beautiful Yasodhara and had a son named Rahula

  3. After seeing the sorrow of the world Gautam Buddha decided to leave the pleasures o start living the life of the wanderer f the life an<d At the age of29 years he left home in search of salvation or Nirvana and reached Vaishali became the di where he sciple of AlaraKlama but he was not convinced by the teachings of AlaraKlama and he moved from there and became the disciple o UdrakaRamputra He wondered for 6 years and one day at Bodh Gaya under the Peepal tree (bodhi tree) he attained the Nirvana or Enlightenment at the age of 35 years Tapasso and Mallic became the first disciple of Gautam Buddha whereas Ananda was the most favourite disciple of GautamBudddha Gautam Buddha delivered his first sermon at Sarnath on the topic "Dharmachakrapravartan" or Turning of the Wheel of Law

  4. In his last da ys of life he reached Vaishali where his disciple named Kunda fed him pork due to which he died at the age of 80 years in the year 483 B.C at Kushinagar district Deoria in the Malla republic. His death is known as Mahaparinirvana