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Part 9(in Hindi)
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It consists of some important Questions of Communication asked in Previous Year Papers of Ugc net Paper 1

Saumya Singh is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Saumya Singh
Qualified NET 2018 and 2019☆Pursuing Phd☆Follow me for courses on UGC NET☆2 years Teaching experience* Youtuber @ Sisters Academy

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Thank You So Much Mam.. All vidoes are very good. Please make more lectures on other Management subjects also
Thanks a lot mam for this very good course.

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  3. 11.2k views 4.9 Saumya Singh Educator since March 2018 I have completed MBA and qualified NET/JRF 2018 exam. take coaching classes at my home. LETS STUDY TOGETHER!!! 2.1k 47 28 Followers Following Courses Message All courses HINDI Communication (Hindi) Previous Year Questions of Communication- UGC NET UGC NET PAPER 1 COMMUNICATION 5.0(1 ratings) Saumya Singh HINDI People & Environment (Hindi) UGC-NET Paper 1 -People and Environment Part 2 eople and Environment 4.8 (6 ratings) Saumya Singh HINDI Preparation Strategy

  4. 13 The chronological order OT non-Verbal communication is igns, symbols, codes, colours (B) Symbols, codes, signs, colours (C) Colours, signs, codes, symbols (D) Codes, colours, symbols, signs Which of the following statements is not connected with communication? (A) Medium is the message (B) The world is an electronic cocoon (C) Information is power D) Telepathy is technological. Communication becomes circular when A) the decoder becomes an encoder (B) the feedback is absent (C) the source is credible (D) the channel is clear 13 13

  5. Which one of the following Telephonic Conterencing with a radio link is Very popular throughout the world? (A) TPS (B) Telepresence C) Video conferenceD) Video teletext Which is not 24 hours news channel? (A) NDTV24x7 (B) ZEE News (C) Aajtak D) Lok Sabha channel The main objective of F.M. station in radio is: (A) Information, Entertainment and Tourism B) Entertainment, Information and Interaction (C) Tourism, Interaction and Entertainment (D) Entertainment only In communication chatting in internet is: (A) Verbal communication (B) Non verbal communication C) Parallel communication D) Grapevine communication

  6. Co mmunity Radio is a type of ra dio service that caters to the interest of A) Local audienceB) Education (C) Entertainment (D) News Orcut is a part of: (A) Intra personal Communication (B) Mass Communication (C) Group Communication D) Interpersonal Communication * Match List-l with List-1land select the correct answer using the codes given below: List-l (Artists) a) Amrita Shergill (b) T. Swaminathan Pillai Song (c) Bhimsenjoshi (d) Padma Subramaniyam Natyam Codes: List - II (Art) (i) Flute (ii) Classical (iii) Painting (iv) Bharat A) (B) (C) (D) i))iv) ^ (ii) (iii) (i) (iv) (iv) (ii) (iii) (i) (i) (iv) (ii) (iii)