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Part 5(in Hindi)
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It consists of some important Questions of Communication asked in Previous Year Papers of Ugc net Paper 1

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Thanks a Lot Mam... Nice Mcq series

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  4. Users who use media for their own ends are identified as (A) Passive audience B) Active audience (C) Positive audience (D) Negative audience Classroom communication can be described as (A) Exploration (B) Institutionalisation (C) Unsignified D) Discourse .

  5. . The first multi- lingual news agency of India was (A) Samachar (B) API C) Hindustan Samachar (D) Samachar Bharati 32.Organisational communication can also be equated with (A) intra-personal communication. (B) inter-personal communication. C) group communication. (D) mass communication.

  6. In the process of Communication, which one Of the Tollowing is in the chronological order! (A) Communication, Medium, Receiver, Effect, Message (B) Medium, Communicator, Message, Receiver, Effect C) Communicator, Message, Medium, Receiver, Effect (D) Message, Communicator, Medium, Receiver, Effect Communication via New media such as computers, teleshopping, internet and mobile telephony iS termed as (A) Entertainment B) Interactive Communication (C) Development Communication (D) Communitarian

  7. Classroom communication of a teacher rest on the principle of (A) Infotainment B) Edutainment (C) Entertainment (D) Enlightenment is important when a teacher communicates with his/her student (A) Sympathy B) Empathy (C) Apathy (D) Antipathy