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Part 8(in Hindi)
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It consists of some important Questions of Communication asked in Previous Year Papers of Ugc net Paper 1

Saumya Singh is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Saumya Singh
Qualified NET 2018 and 2019☆Pursuing Phd☆Follow me for courses on UGC NET☆2 years Teaching experience* Youtuber @ Sisters Academy

Unacademy user
sir please make video on the hindu editorial analysis .that's help to UPSC aspirants 👌🙏
alright. I shall include some in this course.
a year ago
that's k sir but for the purpose of UPSC the hindu editorial play an important role so please try to make separately . it's helps to all Karnataka RURAL UPSC aspirants 🙏🙏🙏
Definitely Harish
a year ago
thank you sir 👍👍👍 and one thing I wish to share with you there are so many sources available in hindi language including UNACADEMY so it's help to North Indian's so I am also rural aspirant and my friends also prepare to this exam we are all rural students so the hindu editorial is very tough so we hope to you sir we are all studing in kcd sir one agian thank you I am very enjoyed after watching your teaching.....
I shall do them harish dont worry.
a year ago
thank you sir
Thank You Mam.. Nice Questions

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  3. 4.9 11.2k views Saumya Singh Educator since March 2018 I have completed MBA and qualified NET/JRF 2018 exam. I take coaching classes at my home. LETS STUDY TOGETHER!!!! 2.1k 47 28 Followers Following Courses Message All courses HINDI Communication (Hindi) Previous Year Questions of Communication- UGC NET UGC NET PAPER1 COMMUNICATION 5.0 (1 ratings) Saumya Singh HINDI People & Environment (Hindi) UGC-NET Paper 1 -People and Environment Part 2 eople and Environment 4.8 (6 ratings) Saumya Singh HINDI Preparation Strategy

  4. Media that exist in an interconnected series of communication - points are referred to as A) Networked media(B) Connective media (C) Nodal media (D) Multimedia The information function of mass communication is described as (A) diffusion (B) publicity C) surveillanceD) diversion An example of asynchronous medium is (A) Radio (B) Television (C) Film D) Newspaper In communication, connotative words are (A) explicit (B) abstract (C) simple D) cultural A message beneath a message is labelled as (A) embedded text (B) internal text (C) inter-text D) sub-text In analog mass communication, stories are A) static(B) dynamic (C) interactive (D) exploratory

  5. In communication, a major barrier to reception of messages IS A) audience attitude (B) audience knowledge (C) audience education (D) audience income Post-modernism is associated with (A) newspapers (B) magazines (C) radio D) television Didactic communication is (A) intra-personal B) inter-personal (C) organisational (D) relational In communication, the language is (A) the non-verbal code (B) the verbal code (C) the symbolic code (D) the iconic code dentify the correct sequence of the following (A) Source, channel, message, receiver (B) Source, receiver, channel, message (C) Source, message, receiver, channel D) Source, message, channel, receiver