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Part 6(in Hindi)
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It consists of some important Questions of Communication asked in Previous Year Papers of Ugc net Paper 1

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We can write code of Frame inside main() method, constructor of class or any other method. A Frame can be created in the following two ways:- 1. By Association - By creating object of Frame class ( Frame f =new Frame(); ) 2. By Inheritance:- By creating a class that extends the Frame class class MyClass extends JFrame { }
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  2. Alout Me- Graduation from Jagran College of Arts,Science and Commerce,Kanpur MBA from STEP-HBTI,Kanpur Educator at UNACADEMY since March 2018 Rate, Review and Follow me on Unacademy

  3. 11k views 4.9 Saumya Singh Educator since March 2018 I have completed MBA and qualified NET/JRF 2018 exam. I take coaching classes at my home. LETS STUDY TOGETHER!!!! 2k 47 26 Followers Following Courses Message All courses HINDI People & Environment (Hindi) UGC-NET Paper 1 -People and Environment Part 2 eople and Environment 4.8 (5 ratings) Saumya Singh HINDI Financial Management (Hindi) Capital Budgeting - NTA UGC NET 2018 ital 5.0 (5 ratings) Saumya Singh

  4. Classroom communication must be (A) Teacher centric B) Student centric (C) General centric (D) Textbook centric lhe best method of teaching is to (A) impart information (B) ask students to read books (C) suggest good reference material D) initiate a discussion and participate in it Interaction inside the classroom should generate (A) Argument (B) Information C) ldeas (D) Controversy Spare the rod and spoil the child", gives the message that (A) punishment in the class should be banned (B) corporal punishment is not acceptable C) undesirable behaviour must be punished (D) children should be beaten with rods. The type of communication that the teacher has in the classroom, is termed as (A) Interpersonal (B) Mass communication C) Group communication (D) Face-to-face communication

  5. Video-Conferencing can be classified as one of the following types of communication (A) Visual one way (B) Audio-Visual one way C) Audio-Visual two way (D) Visual two way MC National University of Journalism and Communication is located at (A) Lucknow B) Bhopal (C) Chennai (D) Mumbai All India Radio (A.I.R.) for broadcasting was named in the year (A) 1926B) 1936(C) 1946 (D) 1956 In India for broadcasting l V programmes which system is followed? (A) NTCS B) PAL(C) NTSE (D) SECAM The term 'DAVP' stands for (A) Directorate of Advertising & Vocal Publicity (B) Division of Audio-Visual Publicity (C) Department of Audio-Visual Publicity D) Directorate of Advertising & Visual Publicity The term "TRP" is associated with TV shows stands for A) Total Rating Points (B) Time Rating Points (C) Thematic Rating Points (D) Television Rating Points