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Part 7(in Hindi)
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It consists of some important Questions of Communication asked in Previous Year Papers of Ugc net Paper 1

Saumya Singh is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Saumya Singh
Qualified NET 2018 and 2019☆Pursuing Phd☆Follow me for courses on UGC NET☆2 years Teaching experience* Youtuber @ Sisters Academy

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sir please pronoun ki alag si video bnao , SP BAKSHI ki.......….....
Aman Trivedi
2 years ago
Varsha lal
2 years ago
Thank You Mam. Really nice Learning

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  4. Photo bleeding means (A) Photo cropping (B) Photo placement (C) Photo cutting D) Photo colour adjustment While designing communication strategy feed- forward studies are conducted by (A) Audience B) Communicator v (C) Satellite (D) Media In which language the newspapers have highest circulation? (A) English B) Hindi (C) Bengali (D) Tamil Aspect ratio of TV Screen is A) 4: 3(B) 3:4 (C) 2:3 (D) 2:4 Communication with oneself IS known as (A) Organisational Communication (B) Grapewine Communication (C) Interpersonal Communication D) Intrapersonal Communication The term 'SITE' stands for (A) Satellite Indian Television Experiment (B) Satellite International Television Experiment C) Satellite Instructional Television Experiment (D) Satellite Instructional Teachers Education

  5. Public communication tends to occur within a more (A) complex structure (B) political structure (C) convenient structure D) formal structure Transforming thoughts, ideas and messages into verbal and non-verbal signs is referred to as (A) channelisation (B) mediation C) encoding (D) decoding Effective communication needs a supportive (A) economic environment (B) political environment C) social environment (D) multi-cultural environment A major barrier in the transmission of cognitive data in the process of communication is an individual's (A) personality (B) expectation (C) social status D) coding ability When communicated, institutionalized stereotypes become (A) myths (B) reasons (C) experiences D) convictions In mass communication, selective perception is dependent on the receiver'!s (A) competence (B) pre-disposition C) receptivity (D) ethnicity