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Part 10(in Hindi)
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It consists of some important Questions of Communication asked in Previous Year Papers of Ugc net Paper 1

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Saumya Singh
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hai friends Dr Likhita(homeopath) here want to give my exam in 2019 with medical science optional....I want to pool up study dis vast optional with serious candidates....can I join someone or few of you....really serious ones can write back to me on u
hello mam...good explaination but no clear wording
or font is small...plz increase
your mcq's wer of a great help..
Saumya Singh
a year ago
It made my day Shivangi😃

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  4. Communication with oneself is known as (A) Group communication (B) Grapevine communication (C) Interpersonal communication D) Intrapersonal communication Which broadcasting system for TV is followed in India? (A) NTSE B) PAL (C) SECAM (D) NTCS All India Radio before 1936 was known as: (A) Indian Radio Broadcasting (B) Broadcasting Service of India C) Indian Broadcasting Service (D) All India Broadcasting Service The biggest news agency of India is A) PTI (B) UNI (C) NANAP (D) Samachar Bharati Prasar Bharati was launched in the year: (A) 1995 B) 1997 2(C) 1999 (D) 2001

  5. The f rst Indian Satellite for serving the educational sector is known as: (A) SATEDU (B) INSAT - B C) EDUSAT(D) INSAT-C Exclusive educational channel of IGNOU is known as A) GyanDarshan(B) Cyan Vani (C) DoorDarshan (D) Prasar Bharati The head quarter of Mahatma Gandhi Antarrashtriya Hindi Vishwavidyalaya is situated in: (A) Sevagram (B) New Delhi C) Wardha (D) Ahmedabad Match List - I with List - and select the correct answer using the codes given below: List-l (Institutes) (Locations) (a) Central Institute of English Chitrakoot and Foreign Languages (b) Gramodaya Vishwavidyalaya Hyderabad (c) Central Institute of Higher Tibetan Studies (iii) New Delhi (d) IGNOU Dharmasala Codes: List-ll (iv) (B) (C) (IV) (iii) ( ) (iv) ( ) ( ) (i) (ii)

  6. The aim of vocationalization of education is (A) preparing students for a vocation along with knowledge (B) converting liberal education into vocational education (C) giving more importance to vocational than general education D) making liberal education job-oriented