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Overview : RRB JE, NTPC Exam (in Hindi)
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Hemant Mishra
Cleared RRB Clerk , SBI Clerk pre, NTPC 2016, 1 year experience in software developing along with 5 year Experience in Teaching .

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The assassination of Mr. Rajiv Gandhi was one of the incidents which turn the political history of India. He was assassinated by LTTE in 1991 while on a campaign and with him around 12 families lost their relatives. There has been constant plea by the Tamil Nadu government to release the 7 killers but it's way more complicated as it involves various issues. 1- There was death penalty then it comes to life imprisonment, if this keeps continuing then what was the need of giving such harsh punishment in the first place. Many argue that they have received 27 years of punishment and have not caused any other casualty so they should be released on the basis of humanitarian grounds. The thing is, that here we are not talking about a killing a any person but a person who was once been a Prime Minister of the country so it cannot be treated with any other cases. 2- The families who lost the lives of their loved ones with him. What about them? The killers were after Rajiv Gandhi not them. It will be injustice to them. 3- Giving second chances is in the culture of India and that is why some people now think that it is okay to release them. But it gives a green signal to those who maybe are planning to do acts like this. 4- If we release them, then it shows that we are not strong enough to stand against terrorism. 5- Equality for all is a talking point in this case, but we should also remember that law is also equal for all. There is no denying that the issue is complicated for the release of the convicts. However, it's a chance for our judiciary system to prove that it is not biased to anyone and is a powerful organ.
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Hemant Mishra
11 days ago
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please provide details of questions in English also..flow chart ur making I want in English also
Give me the video about GI ??

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