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General Science for RRB JE, NTPC Exam : Part 14 (in Hindi)
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Hemant Mishra is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Hemant Mishra
Cleared RRB Clerk , SBI Clerk pre, NTPC 2016, 1 year experience in software developing along with 5 year Experience in Teaching .

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sir isme jo rate smjh me aa rha
exothermicreaction :-release heat energy. product+release heat energy endothermic reaction:absorb heat
sir ..exothermic reaction is the release of heat.....please correct it...
exothermic and endothermic please clear it sir
  1. RRB JE 2019 O ^ NTPC 2019, SSC CGL 2019 SCIENCE

  2. HELLO 275.5k views Hemant Mishra Follow me at Unacademy or IMath OReasoning UGeneral science ducator since October 2017 General knowledge Current affairs of Railway Exams 2 Review 3. Share 4 Erroll unacacemy 5. Save

  3. The names of the "white Revolution" are related? 60

  4. .fnarTTSZT (Silver Fiber Revolution)-chTH3rTZT (Cotton Production) TRA h fa (Silver revolution)-3TST T 3rTFT (Egg and poultry Production) 17 (White revolution)- er 3 3rTZ (Milk and dairy Products) qr fa (Yellow revolution)-faer, 3rTZT (Oilseed Production) . hTRft hfa (Black Revolution) _UZfRA"3rTEH (Petroleum Production) (ft ifa (Blue Revolution)- TO( 374CT (Fish Production) .5TZT hf (Brown Revolution)- H T (Leather)/ ATFATZT (Cocoa Production) TT wT54 (Golden Fiber Revolution) _azJrT (Jute Production) "ZTTShT"(Golden revolution)-w 3rTR (Fruit and honey Production) .ZTT TI (Green revolution) _wT JATZT (Crop Production) TEToft htfa (Pink revolution)- TTZTTZT (Onion and shrimp Production) TI Tfa (Red Revolution) _4HAT HTZT T3rTT FT (Meat and Tomato Production) .TT hT1(Round revolution)-3TTE 3rTZT (potato Production)

  5. RHESUS Blood Grou 5)

  6. Which of the following is a characteristic of an exothermic reaction? Release ol heat l/ Doesn't involve any change in temperature 5T ra / None of the these 4

  7. Which of the following is a characteristic of an exothermic reaction? irft / Release of heat 3 fifhZT 30 8 ft (exothermic ar / Absorption of heat Doesn't involve any change in temperature 5T these 4 / None of the 2H2 (g) + O2 (g) 2H2O (g)

  8. What happens in an oxidation reaction? 1. TITATAT TAT / Protons are lost 2 5W0RFT ATZT TAT / Electrons are lost 3. FTTAT ATZTZTAT 1 / Neutrons are lost 4. TECH UT TO I/ Electrons are gained

  9. What happens in an oxidation reaction? Protons are lost COnidaHon) Electrons are lost )eT Neutrons are lost 4) SO Electrons are gained L> ReducHon

  10. What type of levers are the bottle opening instruments? 1. 1 2. 2 3. 3 TET

  11. Is the mass of the moon more than the Earth? 1. 2. 1/81 3. 1/100

  12. Who has rendered the universal rule of gravity?

  13. How much is the escape velocity of the earth? 1. 15km/s 2. 21.1km/s 3. 11.2km/s 4. 10km/s

  14. The mass of a body is twice the mass of the Earth if the diameter of the object is 3 times the diameter of the Earth, then the value of thoe ravitational acceleratio n on the surface of the object will be? 1. g/2 2. 2g 3. 2g/9 4. 3g/v2

  15. What is the reason why there is no atmosphere on the Moon? 3.

  16. If a person's weight is 80 kilograms on the surface of the earth, then at what height should he weigh 20 kilograms? 1. 3000km 2. 6000km 3. 6400km 4. 5000km

  17. If a person's mass is 60 kg on earth then its mass on the moon will be? 1. 50 2. 10 3. 20 4. 60

  18. The force through which a body is attracted to the center of the Earth is called? - 3. IaT

  19. When an object is moved from the equator to the pole, its weight?