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General Science for RRB JE, NTPC Exam : Part 8 (in Hindi)
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Hemant Mishra is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Hemant Mishra
Cleared RRB Clerk , SBI Clerk pre, NTPC 2016, 1 year experience in software developing along with 5 year Experience in Teaching .

Unacademy user
In MCQ2 shudn't it be prevention "of" untimely deaths? and pave the way "for"??
Gagan Sharma
2 years ago
I had the same doubt, but then I realized that illnesses is a much more apparent error.
try to explain in English Sir it is difficult to understand
Hemant Mishra
11 days ago
Ok ma'am Thank you :)
Anamika Tripathi
11 days ago
thanks sir
you should collect physical quantities formula also sir for dimension
sir please english me bhi btaiye like utvarivartan vaad ko kya kehte hai bal aaghunta ko kya kehte hai sir ye sb search kr k dekhne me bda wqt lgta hai google pe bhi kya search kru so please could you tell us englosh meaning as well of all hindi words
sir english language me write kariye plz
sir scaller me direction nhi hota.. only magnitude...

  2. HELLO My selff Hemant Mishra 275.5k 8 news 4.8 Follow me at Unacademy for Hemant Mishra Math Reasoning General science General knowledge ducator since October 2017 1. Rate 2 Review irs of Railway Share 4 Enroll 5. Save Current affairs of Railway Exams 3 unacemy

  3. 2 1. Lamarck 2. Darwin 3. Hugo-de-vries 4. Gregar jon mendal

  4. 1. Lamarck 2. Darwin 3. Hugo-de-vries 4. Gregar jon mendal Lamarckism -(809 (Philos ehic Zooloaique (oganic ev olution) (Matupea Selecton MubaHona ZFtad a2, ( Hugo-De-Vries

  5. What is the main greenhouse gas.? 1. Co2 2. CFC 3. N2O 4. All of above

  6. What is the main greenhouse gas? (CH4) 1. Co2 2. CFC 3. N2O 4. All of above (N20) (CFCs) (CO2)

  7. Does the product of two vectors happen? 2 1 3TfRT Scalar 2. GAHIZT vector 3. Tft constant 4. HfRT 3it 3 fRT both scalar and vector

  8. VectorScala Does the product of two vectors happen? t fZFTOT RRT (Directions) ar afRT Scalar Zero Vector (KEU 1. 2. HIRT vector 3. faUTT ft constant 4. both scalar and vector CA) (Scala froduct o Dotroduat

  9. Which of the following is a milk protein? 1. Lactogen 2. Myosin 3. Casein 4. Renin

  10. Which of the following is a milk protein? 1. Lactogen 2. Myosin 3. Casein 4. Renin Renin ye

  11. One object moves at the same speed. Which velocity graph is right for this speed? Velocit

  12. Which of these graphs reflects the distance-time change of the object which was dropped from the building?

  13. If the sum of all forces on a moving object is zero, then this object?

  14. The weight of an object is maximum? 4.

  15. When you force it on an object?

  16. What is the ratio of weight and...?

  17. Impulse is equal ? TT ? 2

  18. Is the mass of the moon more than the Earth? 1. 2. 1/81 3. 1/100

  19. Who has rendered the universal rule of gravity?

  20. How much is the escape velocity of the earth ? 1. 15km/s 2. 21.1km/ 3. 11.2km/s 4. 10km/s

  21. The mass of a body is twice the mass of the Earth if the diameter of the object is 3 times the diameter of the Earth, then the value of the avitational acceleration on the surface of the obiect will be? 1. g/2 2. 2g 3. 2g/9 4. 3g/v2

  22. An astronaut whose mass is 50 kilograms, goes out of the earth. At the height of 650 km from Earth, where is g - 8m s2, what will be its weight? 1. 200n 2. 300n 3. 400n 4. 500n

  23. What is the reason why there is no atmosphere on the Moon ? 1.

  24. Gravitational acceleration when coming up or down from the Earth's surface? 4.

  25. The force through which a body is attracted to the center of the Earth is called ?

  26. When an object is moved from the equator to the pole, its weight i?

  27. When 1. Glucose 2. Fructose 3. Sucrose 4. Galactose

  28. When 1. Sucrose 2. Glucose and Fructose Galactose 4. All of above

  29. When