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Number System - Classification
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This lesson introduces Number System to students and gives them exposure to some elementary problems on number system

Vishal Sharma
I am an engineer by education and teacher by choice.I have been training students for CAT exams for 16 years.I have worked with top brands l

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  1. Faculty : Vishal Sharma More than 16 years of experience in CAT training Trained 10000+ students till date

  2. Topic for Session Classification of Numbers

  3. Classification of Numbers Complex Number Real Imaginary Rational Irrational

  4. Let's look at Working of Complex Number:s i iota, Value v-1 Let's learn some concept related to l So, i 113 i1 I Similarly i200 (i4)50 1 Find iA39 iA3 -i

  5. Working of Complex Numbers (2 +3i) + (3+5i)-5 + 8i (2 +3i) (3+5i) -1 - 2i (2 +3i) * (3+5i) 2(3+5i) 3i(3+5i) - 6 10i 9i 15iA2 -6 19i -15 -919i (3+5i)/ (2+ V3i)-A + iB , Find A and B (3+5i) (2- v3i) (2 V3i (2- V3i) Solve

  6. Rational : Definition p/q Decimal Equivalent is non terminating and recurring Rational Irrational Integer Algebraic Irrational Definition Decimal Equivalent is non terminating and non recurring Fraction Transcedental

  7. Natural Number Counting Numbers Let's try some cocept.... How many '2' do l come across if I count from 1-100 Even Odd Integer Natural Whole So ans is

  8. Let's see the working There will be two places: Unit Place 2 will come in 2,12 10 times ,......92 29 10 times So total 20 times

  9. Let's take one more question How many 2 do I come So for 3 hundred '2' will across If I count from come 60 But , Look at hundred 1- 300? place 200,201....299 100 times There will be 3 places HT U:- At Ten's/Unit place 2 will come in 20 places per hundres So total 160

  10. Let's take one more question Q) How many '5' do l use if From 500 555 write from 1-555 6 times Again there will be three Ten's place: places, From 1- 499, there will be Hundred's place: 4 hundreds So 5 will come 20*5 100 times So ans is 100+12+56 168