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LCM - Basics
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LCM - Basics

Vishal Sharma
I am an engineer by education and teacher by choice.I have been training students for CAT exams for 16 years.I have worked with top brands l

Unacademy user
Hello Yasmin Madam . U are doing nice work . I am also PPSC aspirant . I was ranked higher than you in prelims :) Thats an achievement for me :) But I lacked preparation and willpower for mains. :( Pls give some tips spcially for mains only .
Yasmin Gill
2 years ago
Hello Simy.Congrats to you too then. As far as PCS Mains is concerned,we will be shortly coming up with initiative specifically based on PCS.
  1. CM -BASICS CPART I) MULTIPLE: muhg a numbon b 3- 3, s, 9,12 - ansther : When you m D EVERY NUMBER IS A MULTIPLE OF I 2 EVERY NUMBERIS A MULTIPLE OF ITSELF HULTIPLES ARE GREATER THAN DR EOUAL To GIVEN NUMBER How To FIND LCm Prime Fach risakon Division Prime Factorisehon 2. 41

  2. Division 2 13, 2 33, g AddihonalConcep O LCM o 2 Co-Prime number ab-ax b 3 L.C M o 2 numbers a a ka-ka CM acthons RbLets See

  3. TIME FOR PRAC. QUES 3) Find tte leant number which i^ excch divisible R.R.B-206 Sol.) 32=2 2. 2 1440 3

  4. ) Find he sma llst numbur shic uhen incraA NeLC (12, 1, 10, 20, 2)-10 LCM( IS, 19, 20, 24)-1 lo Q Find the gruateut nua bUh Dividu. 99999 by 12.60 = 1999 99-459) 99540

  5. aMe numb U Sol Crn R. P.-20 10000-804 9136 5