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Concept of Remainder Part 2
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Concept of Remainder extended further and some real CAT questions covered.

Vishal Sharma
I am an engineer by education and teacher by choice.I have been training students for CAT exams for 16 years.I have worked with top brands l

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Sir you are doing a very great job by helping many students who all are preparing for JEE by self study. Thank you very much sir thanks a lot on the behalf of all the students.
Ashish Bajpai
3 months ago
thanks Kshitij
  1. Faculty : Vishal Sharma More than 16 years of experience in CAT training Trained 10000+ students till date

  2. Concept of Remainder Part 2

  3. Understanding Terms Suppose you divide 16 by 3 , 3*5 +1 Now 3 Divisor 16 5 = Quotient 1 Remainder 16 Dividend So the Equation is Dividend = Divisor*Quotient + Remainder

  4. Q)A certain number when divided by 899 leaves the remainder 63.Find the remainder when the same number is divided by 29? (CAT 1998) Sol) The number can be written as N 899(Quotient) 63 Now the divisor is 29, 899 is divisible by 29 so the remainder from there is zero. Therefore we will get the remainder from 63. On dividing 63 by 29, remainder is 5

  5. Q) A number 'n' when divided by 5 leaves 4 as remainder.What is the remainder if 2n is divided by 5? Sol) n 5k+4 So 2n 10k+8 On dividing by 5,10k is divisible by 5 so remainder from there is zero. Therefore remainder when 8 is divided by 5 is 3

  6. Let's learn the concept of Squares Squares can never end with digit 2,3,7,8 . Squares can never end with odd number of zeros Eg 100, 400, 16000, but 1000,4000,16000 Squares of even number is even. Squares of odd number is odd. Perfect Squares Square Root - Integer

  7. Perfect Squares .Perfect Squares on being divided by 4 leaves remainder 0 or 1 Perfect Squares on being divided by 3 leaves remainder 0 or 1 Perfect squares have total number of factors as odd Eg 4-1,2,4 16- 1,2,4,8,16 so on 9- 1,3,9

  8. Let's learn square of number made up of 1 11A2 121 111 2 12321 1111A2 1234321 so on Q)If nA2 1999) 12345678987654321, then n? (CAT