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LCM - Basics Part 3
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LCM Basics Part 3 with Real CAT Questions

Vishal Sharma
I am an engineer by education and teacher by choice.I have been training students for CAT exams for 16 years.I have worked with top brands l

Unacademy user
nice, sir need more question pleses
2 years ago
boht jld hi apko or questions mil jayenge thanks for watching my courses
  1. CM BASICS PART 3 2 3 CM OF DECIMAL NUMRERS oIS0.91.2 To Solve muliblu by 100 IS 90 120 , , LCM-360 SINCE WE MULTIPLIED THE No

  2. SUPPoSE THERE ARE TWO NUMBERS N N THEIR THEN N, X Nz - HCA . .S. 2009 the numbtrs is 77, tnd he oheh one QTo numbihs ahe in the natio gl 3:4. Their LCM 84 Find the numbthA Ssc 2oo) LCM(3)4)

  3. tuo numbUM IA 412 and thus HCf pairs hah 22,Lshat the minimum numba MAT 200 4, 20 I 18 3 16 2 Pairs 7 13 0) Find the lust numb UWcAuthen divdud by S.748 Ves no re main dlos 7 I C 20o7) Col

  4. No83 No683 A rd ight Hashu 3 times b minute and en HA Lights Atant Haahing a the same ting ,tow many time CAT 200 Find time intval/ Lht- 2 2 Light -24se C.

  5. to dividud info parts then what is th maximum numb h be enttained auUTA tha/ uld CAT-20 ) kCM (2, 4, )