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New Ideas and Questions
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Parallel to Hinduism new ideas of Buddhism and Jainism developed which was not only accepted here but even outside.

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Abhishek Srivastava
GS faculty and subject matter expert | 4 yrs Teaching Exp.| HiStory, Geog. and Polity courses with interrelation, logic & chronology.

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Sir, in the finding the arc length formula, will the integration not give the Area under the arc? We are using to find the length of arc here.
thank u so much sir , ur class r best what i felt because trough vedio teaching we can understand easily
can we say Vajjis were the earliest federations?
really helpful..thank you so much sir..
Sir...Your energy level is fabulous...Keep it up the good work.Thanks for putting great effort in preparing the lectures for us.
Sir, there's a mistake in what you told about Buddha. By moderation Buddha meant you shouldn't get effected by anything treat both happiness and sadness in the same way and most of all don't let all that affect you- be an Observer.
  1. NCERT CLASS VI COMPLETE SUMMARY FOR UPSC CSE ASPIRANTS New ideas and questions By Abhishek Srivastava

  2. Abhishek Srivastava ABOUT ME: Qualified IIT JEE 2006 Indian maritime University, Kolkata Marine Engineer . Qualified for UPSC mains twice Got selected in SSC and IBPS twice . GS faculty

  3. Previously.

  4. Mah janapada Period (c. 500 BCE) MAHAJANAPADA (one of 16 great states listed in Anguttara Nikaya) kwAPAOA other states of anoent Inda) City or town f ancient Inda) KURUHastinapura KURUAhicchatra Indraprasthai D Ahicchatr MATSYA Mathura Sravest Kampilya KOSALA Kusinagare Ayodhy MALLA VRJI 1 A VATSA KASI Rajegnh Vaisali AS KSANG Kau ambi R jagtha Suktimat? V ranas MAGADHAps ANGA pUNDRA ,Vidis Tripur AVANTI Uljayini KACCHA ujayini SLRASTRA Bharukaccha ASMAKA Paudanyapura ANCHRA

  5. Before Christ(B.C 2mn 100001 80001 6000 4000 900 later 800 vedic 700 era Neolithic 3700 3600 2700 PALEOUTHIC Meso lithic 2500 Indus 500 Mahajanapada 1400 MAURYAS 3300 3200 3100 2300 iviliza1300Riedic 300 200 100 Dark Age 1200 era 2100 we are here! 2100 1100 400 Guptas 1400 2400 600 Harsha V1600 700 Prophet 1700 1000 Anno Domio (AD.)

  6. Buddha . Founder Gautama Buddha/ Siddh rtha Gautama/Shakyamuni Buddh:a . Born around 500 BC Belonged to Sakya Gana...Kshatriya Born: Lumbini, Nepal Died: Kushinagar Parents: Maya, Suddhodana Siblings: Nanda, Sundari

  7. Buddha Left home when young in search of knowledge Finally found his own path Meditated for days under a peepal tree a Bodh gaya (Bihar)...attained enlightenment e . Here he became BUDDHA or the wise one . Went to Sarnath near Varanasi for his first lecture . Rest of his life ...travelled and taught . Died at Kushinagar

  8. Buddha- Teachings 1. Life is full of sufferings and unhappiness 2. Because we have desires and want more (tanha) 3. Can be removed by moderation in everything Taught people to be kind and respect lives . Karma affects life . Taught in Prakrit language . Asked people to question

  9. Kisagotami story . Her son died and she didn't accept this Taken to Buddha.

  10. Jainism . Vardhamana Mahavira 500 BC.!! Vaji sangha- Kshatriya prince of Lichhchavis Vajji Sangha @30 went to forest...hard life for 12 years..enlightened

  11. Though tough to follow esp farmers Many left home to follow Supported by those remained behind..mainly traders Spread to north India Gujarat TN and Karnataka . Teachings transmitted orally for many centuries Later written down @ Valabhi (Gujarat) in 500 AD

  12. sanghas Mahavira and buddha both advocated leaving home to gain true knowledge . Sangha was arrangement to stay together Association of all such people Varna ranks and family forgotten once the Buddha's follower joins monks

  13. Monastries Monks stayed at one place only in rainy season Supprters built shelters in gardens or in natural caves Gradually they realised the need of a permanent shelters. . So Viharas were built Wood Brick Caves dug out in hills Built on lands donted by king merchants landowners

  14. Karle caves Maharashtra

  15. Ashram system . During popularity of Jainism and buddhism brahmins developed this system It denotes stage of life . Brahmacharya - Grihastha Vanaprastha Samnyasa . Thus man spend more time meditating Generally women were not allowed to study vedas and has to follow husbands ashram