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New Empires and Kingdoms
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Once again Indian rulers took command and started controlling the land. The Golden age of Guptas was a nourishing experience for our culture and prosperity.

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Abhishek Srivastava
GS faculty and subject matter expert | 4 yrs Teaching Exp.| HiStory, Geog. and Polity courses with interrelation, logic & chronology.

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Mam plz tell me one question Calculate the weight of CO having the same number of oxygen atoms as are present in 22g of CO2.
Komal gupta
6 months ago
Find the no of o2 atom in co2= NNa* no of o2 in one molecule of co2 = 22/44* Na*2= Na= 6.023*10 ki power 23
6 months ago
Thank You mam
sir please decrease your speed a little bcz it takes atleast a second or two get the new names
It's not AIHOHE as you pronounced it's pronounced as आइहोले please correct it.
Mahavir Jain' s gana was Lichhavi
sir lesson was overall Very helpful and details provided in sync. one thing sir plz try not to depicts pictures and deities whenever Islam related content require to explain as there are prohibited and create unnecessary distraction among people of community. plz try to understand hope you understand us better. regards
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  1. NCERT CLASS VI COMPLETE SUMMARY FOR UPSC CSE ASPIRANTS New empires and Kingdoms By Abhishek Srivastava

  2. Abhishek Srivastava ABOUT ME: Qualified IIT JEE 2006 . Indian maritime University, Kolkata Marine Engineer Qualified for UPSC mains twice Got selected in SSC and IBPS twice . GS faculty

  3. Previously.

  4. .Muvendar - In Sangam text Satavahana empire Meaning three chiefs -Refers to heads of three ruling Maha-Megha-Vahana empire families Kongu . Cholas Chola Cheryas Chera Pandyas Pandvas Pandya Became powerful in 300 BC Ay Ruhunas

  5. Before Christ(B.C 2mn 100001 80001 6000 4000 900 later 800 vedic 700 era Neolithic 3700 3600 2700 PALEOUTHIC Meso lithic 2500 Indus 500 Mahajanapada 1400 MAURYAS 3300 3200 3100 2300 iviliza1300Riedic 300 200 100 Dark Age 1200 era 2100 we are here! 2100 1100 400 Guptas 1400 2400 600 Harsha V1600 700 Prophet 1700 1000 Anno Domio (AD.)

  6. Euro Burope Mediterranean editerranean Sea China Persia Egypt India Somalia Indian Ocean ava

  7. Prashastis Meaning in praise of Sanskrit term Gautamiputra Shri Satakarni were the starting Became more important from Guptas Period

  8. Samudragupta Pashasti . Sanskrit poem at Ashokan pillar, Allahaba From Gupta Dynasty...around 300 AD Made by his poet Harishena . Praised as warrior, poet,musician, learned equal to Gods...charming body marked b axes, spears etc

  9. SAKAS Empire gupta KASHMIR Etats vassaux Mathura K nauj P talipu Malv Prayaga Ujjain ala VAKATAKAS V k taka KALINGA Dekkan KADAMBA PALLAVAS Southern Southern territories under nominal vassalage Pallava Conquests of (c. 320-33S CE) la CHOLAS PANDYAS (c. 335-c.375 CE) Chandragupta II (G. 380-413/415 CE)

  10. Empire gupta As per Harisena Aryavarta Dakshinapatha tats vassaux Mathura K nauj 9 rulers Pataliputra- Malv Prayaga 12 rulers Defeated and allowed to rule lab Vak taka Inner circle of neighbours uri Dekkan Assam, bengal,Nepal, sanghas in N Brought tribute and followed order Pallava Outlying areas Descendents of Kushanas, Shakas and SriLanka Submitted to him..matrimonial alliance la

  11. Harshavardhana Tuyuhun ashmi . Ruled Thanesar around 600 AD afterhingThungagute Zhang-Zhung? Tanguts Kapisa death of his father and brother Tibetan Kingdoms and Tribes Taank Thanesar Kanna 28 Brother in law ruled kannauj and killed by Bengal ruler Ujjain Magadha PyuT Kalachuris Chalukya Empire Kalinga Conquered Magadha and Bengal India in 60o AD Version1 600 AD Thato9 Pallavas Gangas Email t Checked by Pulekeshin II from Chalukya dynasty whrn tried to crosss Narmada Pandyas ntries: Moriyas 16. Mercia

  12. . Pulekeshin Best known Chalukyas Prashasti by his cour poet Ravikirti Got kingdom from his uncle Led expeitions to west and east coast -Defetead Harsha (no more Harsha) Attacked Pallava King Later Chalukyas and Pallavas were replaced by rashtrakuta and Cholas

  13. New System Kings took steps to win support of powerful men Some iportant posts were made hereditary One person many posts Important man had a say in local admin Harishena was mahadanda-nayak as his father Harishena was also kumar-amatya and sandhi-vigrahika Nagar shreshthi (chief banker) Sarthavaha (leader of merchant caravans) Pratham kulika(chie craftsmen) Head of Kayastha or scribes

  14. Army Some kings maintained well organised army with elephants chariots cavalry and foot soldiers .Some had Samantas military leaders who provided king with troops when needed -Not paid regular salaries Some received lands as grants..collected revenue - Used it to maintain soldiers,horses,weapons - If weak ruler tried to gain independence

  15. Assemblies in South Tuyuhurn . Local assemblies Local asse Kashm Zhang-Zhung?Tanguts mentioned in Pallavas inscriptions Kapisa Tibetan Kingdoms and Tribes Taank Thanesar . They were controlled by Kanna 28 Kamerupe Ujjain Chande Magadha rich and powerful land owners and merchants Kalachuris City T States KosalaOdra Chalukya Empire inga Many of them functioned for centuries 29 Pallavas India in 600 AD PallavasVersion 1 Thaton Gangas Email: Pandyas ntries: Langkasu Moriyas 16. Mercia 17. Wessex

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