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Ashoka - The Great
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The hero of the Ancient History. First person to think into stones and established one of the largest empire.

Abhishek Srivastava is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Abhishek Srivastava
GS faculty and subject matter expert | 4 yrs Teaching Exp.| HiStory, Geog. and Polity courses with interrelation, logic & chronology.

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can you upload all the sldes ,and share link.So,that we have notes in good hand writing
Siddalinga Patil
2 years ago
Hi Jay Shankar, the slides are prepared from various sources and regarding handwriting I will try to improve in further lessons. However, there won't be any question in CAT outside​ of these concepts, so if you have any doubts regarding a particular thing please do comeback. Thanks for the feedback and stay tuned.
Jay shankar
2 years ago
sir,I was asking to upload your slide.I was talking about my handwriting, not your's.Because in each slide you are saking to note down.sorry for my miscommunication.Like on edx or other platforms we get notes.
Siddalinga Patil
2 years ago
Hi Jay you can download all slides in the offline mode ( or using your credit points) on Unacamdemy Learning App as well.
Jay shankar
2 years ago
Sir,i would request you to please send link.Beacuse i could not find way to download.I google it but ,so, please Uplode to google drive or any as you wish,and then share link. THANKS
can someone pls tell where to open the lectures downloaded on unacademy???
Thank you so much sir! That was very informative and covered full ncert. Can you please also cover the class 7 history as well in the same way you did this? We need it sir for easy understanding. Till when can we expect that sir?
Sir ur videos r so great... i started with this... awesome thanks for your efforts...god bless u...n ur family ????
Sir ur videos r so great... i started with this... awesome thanks for your efforts...god bless u...n ur family ????
Sir ur videos r so great... i started with this... awesome thanks for your efforts...god bless u...n ur family ????

  2. Abhishek Srivastava ABOUT ME: Qualified IIT JEE 2006 Indian maritime University, Kolkata . Marine Engineer . Qualified for UPSc mains twice Got selected in SSC and IBPS twice . GS faculty

  3. Buddha e Left home when young in search ot knowledge . Finally found his own path . Meditated for days under a peepal tree @ Bodh gaya (Bihar)...attained enlightenment . Here he became BUDDHA or the wise one . Went to Sarnath near Varanasi for his first lecture . Rest of his life ...travelled and taught . Died at Kushinagar

  4. Before Christ(B.C 2mn 100001 80001 6000 4000 900 later 800 vedic 700 era Neolithic 3700 3600 2700 PALEOUTHIC Meso lithic 2500 Indus 500 Mahajanapada 1400 MAURYAS 3300 3200 3100 2300 iviliza1300Riedic 300 200 100 Dark Age 1200 era 2100 we are here! 2100 1100 400 Guptas 1400 2400 600 Harsha V1600 700 Prophet 1700 1000 Anno Domio (AD.)

  5. Empire . More resources required . Larger no. of officials to Dynasty Much larger than a kingdom Protected by armies collect taxes Members of the same family ruling one after another. Mauryans - Chandragupta Bindusara - Ashoka

  6. Lion capital . Carved in stone . placed over a stone pillar At Sarnath Ashoka - Instruction inscriptions at pillars an rock surfaces

  7. Mauryan empire Founded by Chandragupta Maurya n 300BC with the help of Chankakya or Kautilya Mathore Pataa Patal pure Conguests Chanakya wrote Arthashastra Bodh Gaya . Several cities (merchants officials craftemen) Arabian Sea Bay of Bengai Patliputra - Taxila- connects to NW and central Asia -Ujjain-on the route from N to S

  8. . Villages (farmers herders..) Villages (farmers herders.) Mathore .Forests in Central India Pattala Patal pure Conguests Bodh Gaya -Hunting and food gathering different languages,food,clothe Arabian Sea Bay of Bengai

  9. Provincial Capital Other city/town Pillor edict of Asholk Major Rock Edict of Ashoka Minor Rock Edict of Ashoka SELEUCIo Pushkatay Taxila . EMPIRE OTHER STATES/TRIBES OTHER segala Delhi-Topra" Delhi-Heerut Delhi a Ahicchatra Bairat Shravast. Mathura Sohgaura Louniya Lauriye-Araraj Vaishali Patala Alahabad Gujara Kaushambi Vara Raeg Gutpore Gutore Knushambl Varanas Samath . Champa ardhane Pundravardhana Hahasthan Sahasram Barabar Caves Rupnath mpur Ujjain + Girnar Kundina Dhaul augeda. Sopara Paudanyapura Rajul Mendegiri arav Suvarnagiri Nttur Gavimath. Udegolam ameshara- degolam Nitur Yerragudi nga-Rameshwara magir

  10. Other provicnes -Provincial govt Bty of Bengal Sesa Has own provincial capital like Taxila and Ujjain Royal princes were made Governors Some control from Pataliputra Local customs & rules may have been followed

  11. Ashoka . Most famous . First to make inscriptions Mainly in Prakrit in Brahmi script

  12. @kalinga . Coastal Orissa . Ashoka invaded it . Immense violence and deaths Bay of Benyul changed his heart and he decided to give up wars He gave up conquest after winning the war

  13. Inscription about kalinga war Eight years after becoming king captured Kalinga . 1.5 lakh captured and more than 1 Lakh died including Brahmins and monks . Decided to observe "DHAMMA Prakrit word for sanskrit Dharma

  14. Dhamma . Niether about God nor sacrifices He realised his duty to instruct his subje . Inspired by Buddha teachings . Appointed Dhamma mahamatta -Preached dhamma Solution to the various issues like multiple religion,animal sacrifice, ill treatement of slaves and servants


  16. SOGDIANA t itan FERGHANA Kucha CHINA Kashgar BACTRIA PAMIR Bactraurkh otal HINDU-KUSH GANDHARA Taxila ARACHOSIA KUSHAN . West and Central ALAY EMPIRE Shakas (partly) -Satvahanas 100 BC-300 AD -Vakatakas 300 AD Mathura ROSA GEDROSIA Saketa Pataliputra BarbaricumWESTERN SATRAPS Ujjain Barygaza Bandhara. Pube / Pratishthana SATAVAHANA Pube EMPIREAmaravati PANDYAN CHOLAS KINGDOM

  17. . South India (200BC-200AD) Satavahana empire Cholas Cheras -Pandyas Maha-Megha-Vahana empire Kongu Chola Chera Pandya 500 AD Ay Chalukyas -Pallavas Ruhunas