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नागरिक शास्त्र ( civics ) प्रश्नोत्तरी 41-60 (in Hindi)
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Important questions on civics sst social studies

Unacademy user
dear sir, I appreciate your efforts in helping others. I m preparing for BWSSB. previously they were having only one technical paper but from this year they have even included general knowledge paper. they say it will be in line with kpsc general studies paper, so the difficulty level would be higher compared to 2008 paper. We need to concentrate more on current affairs related to polity economics and geography along with the list of topics which you have mentioned in 3rd video.
Hi Sourab thanks for writing in such detail. We will try covering almost all topics important for the General Knowledge paper. 1) For current affairs part I have made MCQs there are more than 30 videos on the same that will be helpful and we will discuss in BWSSB course some important Current Affairs as well. 2) Economy or Polity or Geography we will discuss model papers in detail which will be of great help as the questions will be similar but not same so we ll try covering all around topics. I hope that will help.
Sourab Chauhan
a year ago
Yes sir, I have watched your previous current affairs videos as well as model questions on polity economy and govt schemes. They are really very helpful, thankyou.
Thanks a lot for such a sweet message and constant motivation through your comments :) Helps a lot :)
hello learners! the correct answer of question 44 is chief minister (मुख्यमंत्री) and 46 is attorney general (महान्यायवादी) sorry for trouble 🙏
prime minister Ka rajysbha Ka sadasy nhi ho sakta
Vivek Singh
a year ago
मंत्री संसद के किसी भी सदन यानी लोकसभा या राज्यसभा से चुने जा सकते हैं। हालाँकि मंत्री बनने के लिए एेसा जरूरी नहीं है कि वह व्यक्ति लोकसभा या राज्य सभा का अनिवार्य रूप से सदस्य हो। किसी एेसे सदस्य को भी प्रधानमंत्री द्वारा मंत्री बनाया जा सकता है, जो किसी भी सदन का सदस्य नहीं है। लेकिन एेसे व्यक्ति को छह महीने के अंदर किसी न किसी सदन की सदस्यता प्राप्त करनी होगी।  श्रीमति इंदिरा गाँधी व मनमोहन सिंह ये भारत के प्रधानमंत्री राज्यसभा के सदस्य रहे हैं।
rajysbha ke lie kitni age Hindi chahie
Vivek Singh
a year ago
minimum 30 years
prime minister ki age 25 ya 30...?
Vivek Singh
a year ago
minimum age for prime minister is 25 years for governor, vice president and president is 35 years.
Very gud sir, keep it up
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