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इतिहास प्रश्नोत्तरी 3 History (in Hindi)
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Important questions related to history

Unacademy user
Sir/anyone.. i have one doubt...please ans.why do bank suffer losses when government bond yields more.
Abhishek Kumar
2 years ago
in that case, bank need to pay more money for the same bond , as value of bond increases
Chaitanya kaskar
2 years ago
Bond Price & Bond Yield = Inverse Relation Eg :- If person A purchase govt. Bond for say 100 Rs with interest rate = 8% then he will get 108 Rs. But if he sell it to person B before mature period ( due to lack of confidence in Govt or due to attraction towards high yielding private sector ) for 90 Rs then for person B, investment done is 90 Rs only & return is the same i.e 108 Rs. So therefore bond yield increase in this manner ( it was 8 % for A but it will be 20 % for B ) and in future if Govt issue new bond for Rs 100 then no one will purchase as they will think ( ye to 90 Rs mai hi mil raha hai ) so it will result in loss for Govt.( or Govt bond purchaser i.e bank here )
Gagan Deep
2 years ago
aspirant!!!!!!! plz cover back dna more effective n more explain . bca now every thing is lock lock.i hope u all understand what i try to say.unacedmy n js ,all are change.anyone guys how is able plz try to analyse dna n open new hope for aspirant.take help of vision daily current affairn insight also which more effective.plz dont mind js sirbut it is realty