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Mughal Architecture in Details (in Hindi)
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In this lesson we will learn about the architecture carried out by diffrent Mughal rulers

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  1. Mughal Architecture The Mughals were great patrons of art and architecture. Under them, architecture regained its place of importance, as new buildings were built with great vision and artistic inspiration. BABUR o Babur undertook the construction of mosques in Panipat and Rohilkhand, both constructed in 1526 A.D. However, his reign was too short-lived to inspire any new style or technique HUMAYUN Humayun's reign was marked with constant power struggle with Sher Shah Suri. So, he couldn't focus much on art and architecture. He led the foundation of a city named Dinpanah, but couldn't finish it. Persian style became prominent in the architecture of this period.

  2. SHER SHAH During his brief reign, Sher Shah built few monuments. He built the Qila-e-Quhunah (Mosque of the Old Fort) mosque in Delhi. He built the famous Rohtas Fort in Pakistan. He constructed the e His period is a transition from Lodhi style to Mughal style of . He also undertook the re-construction and extension of an old Sher Shah Suri Masjid in Patna in Afghan style to mark his reign. architecture Mauryan route and renamed it as Sadak-e-Azam (Great Road) which was later called as Grand Trunk Road. He ensured adequate presence of sarais and trees for travellers.

  3. e Sher Shah Suri's tomb was built at his birthplace Sasaram. It is made up of red sandstone and is situated inside a lake. The Line of Control separates Pakistan controlled territory to the north and territory controlled by India to the south. HINDU KUSH ASHMIR Line of Control Kabul CHINA AFGHANISTAN Lahore HIMALAYAS River Delhi PAKISTAN Ganges RiveBANG Grand Trunk Road Kolkata MYANMAR Arabian Sea INDIA gas. Sittwe pipeline route from Sittwe Bay to Kolkata of Bengal 400 MILES

  4. Akbar After Akbar ascended the throne of Delhi in 1556, the golden period of Mughal art and architecture started The principal feature of the constructions during Akbar's reign was the use of red sandstone. He also introduced the use of 'Tudor arch' (four centred arch). Some of the prominent construction works undertaken during Akbar's reign are described below:

  5. Agra Fort . It was one of the first constructio ns started during the reign of Akbar. However, most of the structures present inside the fort were done during the reign of Shah Jahan. Some of the prominent buildings here are: Moti Masjid, made by Shah Jahan. Diwan-i-aam (Hall of Public audience) by Shah Jahan. Diwan-i-khas (Hall of Private audience) by Shah .Jahan. Jahangiri Mahal Sheesh Mahal (Turkish Bath)

  6. The gardens inside the fort are built using the Charbagh style During the reign of Akbar, more than 5000 women stayed in his harem inside this fort.

  7. Fatehpur Sikri One of the highlights of Indo-lslamic architecture was the creation of a new capital city by Akbar at Fatehpur Sikri. lt has been described as a "frozen moment in history" as the buildings here represent a unique blend of Hindu and Persian styles. 9 e Some of the important buildings inside the city are: . Buland Darwaza the imposing 40 metre red sandstone structure was built in 1576 AD, to commemorate Akbar's victory over Gujarat. lt is the largest gateway of the world. Salim Chisti's tomb was built in 1581 AD. It has beautiful Jaali work in white marble. It has arabesque patterns with inscriptions of Quranic verses on the walls. It is in the imperial complex which also has Buland Darwaza and Jama Masjid. It was further decorated by Jahangir in 1606 AD.

  8. . Panch Mahal is a five-storied structure made of columns and is inspired by the concept of Persian badgir (wind-catcher) Jodha Bai's palace or Mariam- uz- Zamani's palace (Mary of the Age) has beautiful interiors with Hindu motifs of bell and flowers. lbadat Khana Akbar used to meet the leaders of different religions here to have discussion Pachisi Court in the courtyard where Akbar is said to have played chess. Hiran Minar was built in memory of Akbar's favorite elephant, named Hiran. lt also served as lighthouse for travelers. It is uniquely designed and its exterior wall contains tusk like spikes. .Akbar also built a temple of Govind Dev in Vrindavan.

  9. 10:56 AM Jahangir During the reign of Jahangir, architecture took a back seat as he focused more on paintings and other forms of art. However, he oversaw the construction of some noteworthy monuments including Akbar's tomb in Sikandra. He also built his own tomb at Lahore. Further, he developed a number of gardens during his reign, e.g. the Shalimar Bagh in Kashmir. He also built the Moti Masjid at Lahore.