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Most Expected MCQs on Communication 47 to 48 (in Hindi)
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Most 💝 Expected MCQs on Communication 47 to 48 (in Hindi)

Preeti Mandyal is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Preeti Mandyal
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sir indus valley civilization class tharamo?
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  2. Communication Q.45 The way one interprets information around oneself is A] Always negative [B] Always positive [C] Related to one's values, beliefs and past experiences [D] None of the above

  3. Communication Q.46 Listening [A] May be a complex process involving many steps [B] Is always reflexive [C] A natural habit D] A physiological process occurring in a spontaneous manner

  4. Communication

  5. Communication Q.48 One of the most important communica skill is A] Active listening [B] Objective listening IC] Passive listening [D] Inactive listening

  6. Communication