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Most Expected MCQs on Communication 15 to 16 (in Hindi)
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Most 💝 Expected MCQs on Communication 15 to 16 (in Hindi)

Preeti Mandyal is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Preeti Mandyal
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Unacademy user
hello sir these are nice lessons but i want to knoe why you have stopped giving the lessons of hindu vocabolary....that was also a good series of lesson
Sahil kapoor
2 years ago
hello Pooja,I will start that series again next month , actually there was a some time management issues this month.
Pooja rawat
2 years ago
okkk sir
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  2. Communication Q.13 During the communication proces:s the message is converted to a symbolic form, called [A] Decoding [B] Encoding [C] Deciphering [D] Expanding

  3. Communication Q.14 One's own description as a person is [A] Self-concept [B] Self-perception [C] Self-awareness [D] Self-respect

  4. Communication Q.15 Which of the following term describes the communication between two people that involves sending and receiving of messages? A] Decoding [B] Encoding [C] Transaction [D] Dyadic

  5. Communication ID]

  6. Communication Q.16 Which of the following is the essence of effective communication? [A] Message [B] Feedback IC] Encoding ID] Decoding

  7. Communication