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Most Expected MCQs on Communication 17 to 18 (in Hindi)
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Most 💝 Expected MCQs on Communication 17 to 18 (in Hindi)

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Preeti Mandyal
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Hello mam, my doubt is how we can differentiate between mixed economy and socialist economy in context of Coexixtance of private sector nd govt? ..... thanks
Inconsiderate, means a person who Don't Think or Care about the Feelings and Needs of other People
inconsiderate people are the ones who does not seem to care about the feelings of others
inconsiderate means beparwah
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  2. Communication Q.15 Which of the following term describes the communication between two people that involves sending and receiving of messages? A] Decoding [B] Encoding [C] Transaction [D] Dyadic

  3. Communication Q.16 Which of the following is the essence of effective communication? [A] Message [B] Feedback IC] Encoding ID] Decoding

  4. Communication Q.17 People who engage in frank and open expression of their feelings are considered A] Aggressive [B] Rude [C] Assertive [D1 Inconsiderate

  5. Communication

  6. Communication Q.18 A low context culture is one where [A] Most of the information is unspoken [B] Most of the information is explicitly stated in a verbal message apparent non-existent IC] Most of the information is [D] Most of the information is

  7. Communication