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Most Expected MCQs on Communication 41 to 42 (in Hindi)
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Most 💝 Expected MCQs on Communication 41 to 42 (in Hindi)

Preeti Mandyal is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Preeti Mandyal
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Unacademy user
it was very useful and informative to me sir, and request you to upload more dohas such of kabir and also rahim,meera bai..... THANK YOU
6 months ago
Hmmm... All I need is my learner's support. Thank u
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  2. Communication Q.39 The subjective meaning of a word id its A] Denotative meaning [B] Direct meaning [C] Antonym [D] Connotative meaning

  3. Communication Q.40 Which of the following explains feedback? [A] Non-verbal communication only [B] Environmental Noise [C] Verbal and non-verbal receiver responses [D] Verbal communication only

  4. Communication Q.41 An effective communication does not require [A] Change in speech pattern [B] Appropriate gestures [C] Mastery of content

  5. Communication IDI

  6. Communication Q.42 For which of the following word/s, the term 'chronemics' is used for interpretation of message [A] Smell [B] Taste [C] Time [D] AIl of the above

  7. Communication IC]