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Most Expected MCQs on Communication 13 to 14 (in Hindi)
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Most 💝 Expected MCQs on Communication 13 to 14 (in Hindi)

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Preeti Mandyal
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It is written that purchaser of bond will be allowed only on due fulfillment of KYC(Identity of buyer) norms
Anindita das
2 years ago
the bank will keep a track of the buyer and when the buyer give the electoral bond to a registered party for encasing it through the party's bank account the identity of the buyer would not be disclosed as the bond does not contain the name of the buyer/ how would govt know who is giving money to which party? still it can be a cheque a bond also contain a SPECIFIC NO. which would enable the govt to know when the bond will be encased. it's my personal view.correct me if I'm wrong.
Jatin Verma
2 years ago
It’s not there in Hindu
Anindita das
2 years ago
the specific no part is not given.but I think that's how it's going to be.if not then they should incorporate that.otherwise the objective behind it would be purposeless.
Raushan Tantiya
2 years ago
Sir, It's there in HINDU in the picture part: Purchaser must pay from KYC-compliant bank account. In this case, the lacunae you have talked about in the video is no more. I mean, banks will have the detail of the person account who is buying. (AS KYC Know Your Customer needs PAN card and all detail of account holder.) Sir, please clarify if I am wrong
Rahul Kanwat
2 years ago
the purchaser will be allowed to buy eletoral bond ONLY ON due fulfilment of the extant KYC norms and by making payment from a bank account .
Kannav Mittal
2 years ago
That means electoral bonds can not be purchased by cash?
Doli saini
2 years ago
yaa guys u r right sorry sir but mene bhi local news ppr m yhe bda h so please clear doubt. ......
Decipher Means to understand something that is not clear or written in codes
Decipher means to convert a coded message ( or symbols) into plain text
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  2. Communication Q.11 A message can be deemed effective when [A] Good communication skills are [B] Repeated back as proof of IC] Understood by receiver and [D] Delivered in interpersonal used understanding produces the desired response communication

  3. Communication Q.12 Learning to communicate with others is key to [A] Eliminating listeners' all physiological noises [B] Never being misunderstood [C] Establishing rewarding relationships ID] All of the above

  4. Communication Q.13 During the communication proces:s the message is converted to a symbolic form, called [A] Decoding [B] Encoding [C] Deciphering [D] Expanding

  5. Communication IBI

  6. Communication Q.14 One's own description as a person is [A] Self-concept [B] Self-perception [C] Self-awareness [D] Self-respect

  7. Communication