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Most Expected MCQs on Communication 31 to 32 (in Hindi)
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Most 💝 Expected MCQs on Communication 31 to 32 (in Hindi)

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Preeti Mandyal
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Fantastic Explanation Ma'm Heuristic applies to situations where a person has to take quick decisions(which may not necessarily be the correct ones). He uses his past experience for the same
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  2. Communication Q.29 A person is more likely to use eye contact while A] Listening [B] Uninterested in communicate [C] Speaking [D] Interpreting

  3. Communication Q.30 Feedback is [A] A situation in which the sender and the receiver exchange information [B] Confined to the verbal form the [C] Confined to the written form the [D] None of the above communication communication

  4. Communication Q.31 Listening is said to be adversely affected by A] Speaker's fast speed of delivery of words [B] Message loaded with too much of information [C] Improper selection and use of media [D] All of the above

  5. Communication

  6. Communication Q.32 Which of the following terms is closely related to feedback? [A] Brainstorming [B] Heuristics [C] Cybernetics [D] None of the above

  7. Communication