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Most Expected Mcq - Communication Part 17
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In this lesson 5 Most Expected Multiple Choice questions has been discussed. All the given options are discussed in details for Better Understanding.

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Talvir Singh
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sir vertical communication upword ओर downword दोनों को बोलेगे क्या ओर corporate ओर cross communication प्लीज बताइए
Sir start से course kha mile ga mtlb first part se
thanks sir all videos are very nice very good
thanks sir all videos are very nice

  2. MCQ SERIES 17

  3. 1.Imagine you are working in an educational institution where people are of equal status. Which method of communication is best suited and normally employed in such a context? (1) Horizontal Communication (2) Vertical communication (3) Corporate communication (4) Cross communication

  4. 2. The type of communication that the teacher has in the classroom, is termed as (A) Interpersonal (B) Mass communication C) Group communication (D) Face-to-face communication

  5. 3. Spare the rod and spoil the child, gives the message that (A) punishment in the class should be banned (B) corporal punishment is not acceptable. C) undesirable behavior must be punished. (D) children should be beaten with rods.

  6. 4. is important when a teacher communicates with his / her student (A) Sympathy B) Empathy (C) Apathy (D) Antipathy

  7. 5. Communication via New media such as computers, teleshopping, internet and mobile telephony is termed as (A) Entertainment B) Interactive Communication (C) Development Communication (D) Communitaria n