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Most Expected Mcq - Communication Part 16
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In this lesson 5 Most Expected Multiple Choice questions has been discussed. All the given options are discussed in details for Better Understanding.

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thank you sir..very helpful
Talvir Singh
8 months ago
thanku so much keep sharing ☺️☺️☺️
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thanks sir you are a very good teacher, your teaching is so effective. I understood the this topic very well

  2. MCQ SERIES 16

  3. 1. An approach to overcoming communication barriers is to improve rapport with another person. A form of nonverbal communication, called used to establish such rapport. Mirroring scapegoating Modeling paradigming can be

  4. 2. All of the following are suggested techniques for overcoming communication barriers when using presentation technology except: Synchronize the slides with your comments. Reveal points ahead of time before they are needed. . Keep the slide in view until the audience gets the point. Talk to the audience not to the screen

  5. 3. All of the following are suggestions for improving your listening skills except: Maintain eye contact with the speaker Paraphrase the speaker Sympathizing with the speaker Empathizing with the speaker

  6. 4. Which of the following is not one of the steps in the communication process? Transmission over communication media . Noise Encoding message . Decoding message

  7. . 5. Verbal mode of communication may have barrier in delivering the proper message such as . Thoughts Perceptions Emotions All the above