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Most Expected Mcq - Communication Part 14
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In this lesson 5 Most Expected Multiple Choice questions has been discussed. All the given options are discussed in details for Better Understanding.

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Wat abt othr chapters Evrythng isnot covered here
sir 3rd question me listening se phle while lga h to listening k bare me puch re h...sir isme doubt h
very helpful sir very worth it thank-you soooo much sir
lesson no 16, question no 2 , i have doubt. i can be delayed for response. i think option 'b' will more support the answer.

  2. MCQ SERIES 14

  3. 1. is an active process ; whereas IS a passive process . A) Listening ; hearing B) Hearing ; listening . C) Reading ; writing . D) Writing; reading

  4. 2. The advantage of oral communication is . A) Immediate response is possible . B) There is no waste of time . C) The listeners reaction can not be observed by the speaker . D) There is no disadvantages

  5. 3. Gathering only facts, without trying to understand the content, while listening is . A) Strategy of effective oral communication B) Barrier to effective oral communication . C) Strategy of effective listening skills . D) Barrier to effective listening skills

  6. 4. The communication process consists of three , the receiver interprets steps. In the message and translates it into meaningful information. . Feedback Encoding * Noise Decoding

  7. 5. How close you place your body relative to another person's conveys meaning when you send a message. Social distance covers from about to Feet. : 4, 12 2, 6