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Most Expected Mcq - Communication Part 13
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In this lesson 5 Most Expected Multiple Choice questions has been discussed. All the given options are discussed in details for Better Understanding.

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total 17 zones of indian railways... somewhere mentioned as 6 during lecture ...
sir thinking and acting intrapersonal communication hoga na ?
i have little confudion between visualization ad thinking why they communiction channel
sir acting non verbal communication hoga naa????then used q nai communication kahege?????

  2. MCQ SERIES 13

  3. 1. Which of the following indicates the correct sequence of the elements of communication in the communication process? . A. Sender, Receiver, Channel, Message, . B. Receiver, Feedback, Sender, Message, . C. Sender, Channel, Message, feedback, Receiver Feedback Channel . D. Sender, Message, Channel, Receiver, Feedback

  4. 2) The quality of conversation depends more on . (a) the quality of the listening than the quality of the * (b) the quality of the speaking than the quality of . (c) The quality of understanding the speakers of each speaking, listening. other. (d) The time of the conversation.

  5. 3. Statistically, we remember what percentage of what is spoken? . A) 20 percent B) 30 percent . C) 70 percent . D) 80 percent

  6. 4. Which is not the type of communication channel . A) Speaking, listening B) Writing, reading . C) Visualizing, observing D) Thinking, acting

  7. 5- Effective communication is that in which . A) sender sends a complete message . B) Receiver understands the message of sender . C) Communication is oral . D) communication is in writing