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Most Expected Mcq- Communication Part 15
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In this lesson 5 Most Expected Multiple Choice questions has been discussed. All the given options are discussed in details for Better Understanding.

Talvir Singh
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Unacademy user
Answer should be 120 because we have to include from 101 to 299
sir new syllabus ko prepared kra diziye .. June 2019 k liye
thank u sir for ur help
5th ques ke option smjh ni ayee sir ek br smjhaa do plz

  2. MCQ SERIES 15

  3. 1. Moving your head, face, and eyes away from another person is often interpreted as a lack of Self-respect . Self-control . Self-confidence . Self-esteem

  4. 2. A person's nonverbal behavior is often used to gauge whether he or she is telling the truth. Which of the following facial clues often reveals lying? . Crooked smile . Failure to look you in the eye. Facial shift All of the above are indicators of lying.

  5. 3. All of the following are barriers to effective communication except: .One-way communicatiorn . Different interpretation of words . Mixed signal from sender . Feedback

  6. 4. All of the following are barriers to effective communication except: Improper timing. . Distortion of information . Eliminate noise Communication overloads

  7. 5. All of the following are suggested ways of eliminating or reducing barriers to effective communication except: Use emotion and colorful words Use mirroring to establish rapport .Appeal to human needs and time your message. Discuss differences in paradigms.