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Methods to Evaluate Limits Part-1
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This lesson explains the methods to evaluate limits for jee main and advanced

Vineet Loomba is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Vineet Loomba
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Unacademy user
mam es course ko Hindi m laeye plzzz..
sir, in the last question by direct substitution , we don't get any indeterminate form. Then what's the need of solving it by taking LCM???
Vineet Loomba
2 months ago
Its 1/0 that is infinite - infinte form ..which is in determinate
Sana Amreen
2 months ago
That means infinity​ is not an acceptable answer in any case. Am I right ?
sir, aapne jo last example solve kiya oos me confusion ho rahi hai??
sir, aapne jo last example solve kiya oos me confusion ho rahi hai??
😟😟😟😟my name also Purushottam
signs main confusion ho rahi hai??
9 days ago
haan x2-x-2 hona chahiye
sir please make video course of materices and determinants
  1. eTHoDs e 0f ALU AT ING LIMITS L.) Direct ubsriuutiom 1 Sin

  2. 2Binomia g heofem 5 Ex it La s tns 13) actori sauom method Ex it 2 768 diiect Subsritutrion indumirau is for mad. , acto rse

  3. ut x8+16 x-22 "X=2 844- 12 2 4 74 4 2-4) y 2) - z+2) 3 l G

  4. x -1 2 (1-1) (14%) u -x) 3 CI+z) 2

  5. Rationali sation Method -7 2 at 692 .